The two laser aperture is always pop up automatically


Hi All

Does anyone try to resolve this problem? My Flux3dp’s laser aperture is always pop up automatically! I tried to push down harder, after several minutes it will be pop up again!

How can I resolve this?



Submit a ticket with flux and they will send out replacement parts. Or if you are getting an upgrade kit I think they are included in the kit. In the mean time just use some tape to secure them so it doesn’t pop up when printing. If you search laser poles in the search feature the top two threads are on this issue. Very common problem.


Yes, modified replacement are included in the Upgrade kit.


If you want to read more about the problem take a look at this thread: Laser Scanner Pole Wont stay down

But like ajohnson210 and mc_ott said, just submit a ticket or wait for your upgrade kit. You will get the replacement parts either way with instructions on how to replace them.


I also submitted a ticket for this item end of December 2016 and I am still waiting for the FREE replacement, 3 months and counting. They were shipped immediately after my ticket, beginning of January, with a slow boat to Canada! I think if you ordered your kit, you will get that sooner since it is a paid DHL shipment. But open a ticket anyway, you will be added to the breakdown statistics.


As everyone said, open a ticket.

But to get printing again in the interim while you are waiting for parts, you can tape them down.

If you have good strong tape that won’t gum up your machine that might be enough. For most of us, the best solution was the combination wedge/tape trick.

Cut a small piece of card stock from a business card or heavy paper and fold it a once or twice and make a very small wedge shape. You only want it about the size of a fingernail. If it is too big it can put you off-level, and too small will not hold. Push down on the laser head, you will see it goes down below level with the base, that’s where you slide in your tiny wedge. Release the laser head and make sure it holds. Then fold over the top of your wedge flat, and for good measure a good non-residue piece of tape over the whole thing. Then put your build plate back on and you should be good until you get the replacement parts or upgrade kit, whichever comes first.


I had to replace them myself, but i cant remember that it took them that long. Maybe they are just in stress right now with all them new printers and upgrade kits. They really do some great work but they could work on their time management xD


Wha? I needed the replacements… and they arrived within 2-4 weeks… they certainly didn’t take three months? Might be a good idea to chase it up in case it got lost!


You do not need to wait, you can just take them off and replace them later


Thanks. I using the strong sticker now! :confused:


I did, in fact they emailed me every second week until last week, checking if I received it. Finally we decided to wait for the kit which should be delivered by DHL this week.
In my experience, items coming to Canada from Far East with free shipping could take a very long time, anywhere from 4 to 20 weeks. Just last week, I received an order from China, placed through eBay at the beginning of November 2016. According to eBay, it was shipped 3 days later!


Oh wow… that is long! I’ve gotten used to the sudden recent slowdown in stuff from China to Australia… used to be 2-4 weeks on average… and now it’s 6-8… with the occasional logistics firm handling delivery and surprising with fast postage.

Ah well, should be interesting… you’ll get the upgrade kit, and then they’ll probably arrive! :laughing:


It’s all that ice and maple syrup. It slows the ships down.:grin:

Funny how Canada and Thailand get constantly whacked with Customs Duty though. I get parts from Taiwan and China fast but if it goes through DHL (like FLUX, Customs every time). If it goes through regular Post like eBay or AliExpress, hardly ever gets noticed by Customs, and arrives faster than DHL.


That is also my experience in Canada!