The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


My most ambitious print.

These are pretty amazing in terms of detail etc. There are a bunch on here I would do. It reminds me of google’s gigapixel project. I have a number of works on canvas around the studio here that we have printed.

The print took longer than the 23hours 59 minutes that it told me it would take.

By about another 3 hours. I find these times to be at best an estimate?

Ok, I am too new to 3D printing to know any better. I tried this without any supports and that was my terrible error I know now.

The quality on medium of the print is amazing. I had wondered why the print demo piece was so much smoother than anything else I have ever done.



That looks light a much more macabre artpiece now.


Painted the star wars blaster prop


Dear Khang_Mai,

Sorry did not see you reply / question before today,
the setting were high quality and nothing special at that time.

Now i discovered lowering the temp to 210 degrees for the supplied
filament of flux makes it even better also lowered some of the speeds
with 10%. Also found a key is to change the 1st layer height from the
default 0.25 to 0.35mm matching the filament thickness as recommended
in some of the slicer documentation.

first_layer_height = 0.25

unfortunately my Printhead melted yesterday during reload
so no more prints until i get a replacement Printhead…


So, I printed and painted a huge version of one of the miniature spaceships from one of my favorite board games. Check it out here:

Most of the pics show the smaller original from the game alongside so you can see the scale. It’s 400% bigger! It came out quite good, but my retraction was off a little so there are some zits all over it where the end of each layer was. I’ve since corrected that setting, but I’m still really happy with the print. It had a whole mess of supports due to the funky geometry. I printed it nose-up.

Oh yeah, layer height was 0.25mm, 45mm/sec print speed, at 200 degrees in white Excelvan PLA from ebay, and 20% infill in fast honeycomb via Simplify3D printed on stock metal baseplate with Elmer’s EXtreme gluestick.


Finally! Success!
the newest flux studio (0.3.5). the glue stick that came w e flux wasnt working too well so i whipped out my own UHU glue (not the stick kind, the clear, very sticky flexible-cure one. i whipped on a layer using the provided scraper, been working quite well. I can’t find 3m blue tape here in singapore… normal nippon paint masking tape definitely doesnt work…


Back to printing. Printed a few things after a time off.

Tower of Pi

Going to try a heat gun to get rid of the stringing.

Groot in progress (scaled way down)


I did the Tower of Pi as well, and that was actually what my post asking for solutions was about. Don’t expect great results from the heat gun on that. Also, be very careful to not leave it in one place too long or you’ll have a Leaning Tower of Pi.


Not sure if it was you but someone posted a video to Maker’s Muse on the proper use of the heat gun. I can see how it could make the problem worse. Thanks for the heads up.


I kinda just wanna make that happen haha.


Buddies… individually printed on 3M blue painters tape, wiped down with isopropanol. Four lines of skirt, which usually isn’t enough to get the hotend fully primed…next time I’ll look into extending the skirt length and see what that does.


Those models are simply perfect, will you please tell us your settings for this? Maybe also your retraction settings?


Thank you for the compliment! Actually, the settings are just the simple “Medium” quality values. The only thing I did differently was to change the initial layer height to match the print height of 0.2mm. Everything else is default values.

I have not played around with the expert settings yet. I was pleased and surprised how crisply these models sliced and printed. This is one of the nicest-printing machines I have ever used (and I currently own six!) It also reinforces my experience that for most prints, Medium resolution is all you need.


So here is a print which just finished with yellow “seetrough” hd-glass (pett) filament from formfutura. 2 Layers perimeter, 0 infill
It looks just great, im very happy with this :slight_smile:


Beautiful :slightly_smiling:


Wow it is awesome! Could you please tell me the percentage of your isopropanol solution?


I use 70% isopropanol to wipe down the painters tape, making sure that it is completely dry before starting the print.


wow, i did not know you can have a 0 infill


yeah, it just makes the outer line, all the way up :wink:


Ok thank you. and did you use this solvant to give it its shiny aspect? Did you vaporised the liquid or poored the object in it?