The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Theses last months have been very satisfying in term of print success and quality, so I finally dare experimenting bigger models :slight_smile:

Mario kart

T-Rex Skeleton

Baby Groot and Angry Groot


I am doing that T- rex now.

How long did it take on the Flux, I am still working on it (4 days in)

I gave up on the Flux Delta a while back and have switched to a resin-based system.


I am not sure any more, but it took at least a week (I regrouped parts in order each print last between 6 to 14 hours and generally launched two prints a day).

However, the tedious part was to remove the supports on each part. The assembly was then quite easy: most parts clips nice together (just to be safe, I friction welded them using a rotary tool), to connect ribs to the spine I was force to use hot glue (as the clips didn’t worked for them).

Good luck to you :slight_smile:.


Thanks for the reply.

How much PLA was that? For me the resin for the base only was over 200mL which is a lot of money. Without being able to choose a 50% or less infill it is tough to get costs down on models like that.

Supports were the easy part for me. Most snapped off. I lost the 4th rib on the one side though when I dropped everything on the floor before it was cured properly.



It took ~450g of PLA for the whole (including supports), so it cost me ~7€ of PLA. I guest the low cost is the major advantage of PLA compare to resin.



yeah it took about the same in resin. At a cost of about €109 at current exchange rates.

Costs are way different.

I have yet to have a failure to print though.


Where did you get this cute Pokémon models?


Pen Pineapple Apple Pen!