Store front to be updated soon?


Just curious when you guys are going to have the store front up.

In need of a new print head, and support referenced the first week of Feb. Think we missed that by a bit. :slight_smile:


LOL, I think targets have slipped a bit with the new Delta+ campaign and the Upgrade kits, along with the dogpile of interest from all of us in more advanced upgrade kits, and on top of all that we have new FLUX Studio updates, new Firmware releases, and new Toolhead bin files. All that in a short month, coupled with one of the longest and most important holidays in Taiwan right at the end, and well, yeah…

Certainties in life: Death, Taxes, and the FLUX Storefront will get slammed with orders as soon as it opens.


Will be updated this week!


I hope you’re ready for all the incoming Wei :slight_smile:


Store is up, thanks Wei!

Keep up the good work!


Woo hoo!

Got my upgrade kit order in, I’m in the queue!

As is customary here in Thailand, you don’t necessarily have to wait in the line, you can just put your shoes in line to hold your spot.

So… :athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe: