Status Callback URL


Does anyone know what this setting does and how to use it?


FLUX Delta will fetch the url when its status changed. It can be connected to IFTTT ( ), triggers in AWS or php scripts.

For example, when status of the machine changed to “Completed” (64), it will fetch http://your-domain/flux-status-changed?st_id=64. And then you can probably turn off any IOT switch, take a photograph, send a sms message, or use a robotic arm to change the plate.

In addition, there is a typo in the default url, it should be: http://your-domain/flux-status-changed?st_id=%(st_id)i

Common st_id values are:



Hmm, so if I am understanding correctly, the “your-domain” can be replaced with an link setup to an alert to sms or twitter, etc.?

And is there an st_id value to report a % percentage complete value? In other words, send an alert at 25% done, 50% done, etc.?

This looks very interesting. I think this could be really useful.

Thanks Simon!


i’m trying it out with IFTTT using the Maker channel webhook, so hopefully I’ll be getting an email in about 96 minutes if I set it up right :wink: … or maybe not… it doesn’t like I can update the status url whilst it’s printing… looks like that will be an experiment for tomorrow or later today with a quick print… although since one of the states is idle, perhaps switching the machine on will be enough to get a ST_IDLE from it?


Is this functionality current operational, or still a work in progress? I have set up a Maker Channel on IFTTT so that I could use a webhook, and have tested a static URL and it is functioning fine. However, Flux Studio 0.7.4 with Machine Firmware 1.6.25 doesn’t appear to be accepting the URL… it keep losing it every time I go back into the preferences. However all the other settings still appear to be saving properly??? And the machine isn’t sending any updates. Just thought I’d give it a try since BoozeKashi just reminded me it was there! :wink:

For example (the change from st_id to value1 is not accidental… it is necessary in order to pass the parameter using IFTTT webhooks as it only accepts value1, value2 and value3):

Static test:
curl -X POST[secret-key-withheld]?value1=16

Printer URL:[secret-key-withheld]?value1=%(st_id)i


I’m following along, keep going. I’ll get back on this soon. I really like the idea of having ‘Deltabot’ sending status reports when I’m away.

I am too tired at the moment to figure this out after going a few rounds with my Delta not playing nice with uploads anymore, and spending 3 hours earlier learning how to generate and install SSL certificates on my sites without paying provider some ridiculous amount.

TL;DR Might have been worth paying provider, but now I don’t have to pay every year…


Yes, something is definitely not working.

I tried it too, with an even simpler Maker hook to just report status into IFTTT, but every time I tried to change the URL in the settings, FLUX Studio would just restart itself and that setting would be reset to the default.


Yup, that is what I experienced. I had a working link as I was able to trigger the email update I had defined in the recipe, but flux studio didn’t seem to be accepting the URL that I was inputting. Almost as if the URL input box isn’t accepting input, as it didn’t want me to delete the stuff in it, I had to backspace it out, then it just didn’t take.