Staff takes forever to reply to tickets!


i wrote about a ticket on my laser pole not going in no reply :frowning:


When did you write the ticket?


That is also a known issue with a bunch of temporary fixes on the website.

The fix for that is included in the upgrade kit or the parts are available if your write a ticket.

I heard they are better with tickets than before but also they are probably busy going through any from their break time.


Could you please provide your ticket number?
Thank you!



Can you look after this ticket as well?
Ticket number 17471


I’ve got a ticket going on 11 days now with no reply as well.

It kind of does seem like things are slipping a bit.


hi guys, i just got a reply today they said they will send the parts, but the team needs faster response times.


yes, that’s true i got a reply in 4 mins for my first ticket then i started getting replies in hours or a day but that was great, now its just taking too long!


well, they have been away for a week! :stuck_out_tongue: And they’re probably pretty busy fixing bugs we’re told them about, and getting the upgrade kits ready! :wink: Any reply in less than two weeks is ok in my books, after waiting 2-3 months for support from other firms/startups.


Having been a FLUX supporter for 3 years, and now watching thempromote and sell their second model, I do not consider them a “Startup” anymore.

It is great to be cheerfully optimistic when you have an $800 printer that works, but there are now 2 users who have machines that just stop at a certain height, and at least one brand new machine that tears itself apart upon calibration. And of course my own machine chugging along with ‘Old Leaky’ that requires half disassembly of the print toolhead anytime I want to change filament. But hey, 11 days later I did get a response from FLUX support. Yay! And 30 minutes after that notifications from Customs that the replacement part was seized. Again. It seems “DO NOT PUT THIS LABEL ON OUTER PACKAGE” has no meaning in Taiwan or just does not translate well. So my relationship with ‘Old Leaky’ will continue for a while. Who knows how many other support tickets are just waiting and waiting and waiting. Fact is, as end users, I find it quite disturbing that we are even discussing this. This should not be a thing.

And while we are looking at that half-full glass, how is that laser engraver working? How about that 3D Scanner? There are a lot of things we have been willing to overlook for a very long time, and frankly have not seen a lot of progress being made with those things, but for me, support is off the table as far as what I am willing to overlook.

TL;DR Two weeks to respond to support requests is definitely not ok for any company that I want to continue to support. This is the same kind of ‘slipping’ we saw last year.


Yes, it is good the be cheerfully optimistic after having issue after issue after finally getting it to start working reasonable well for six months, and having to start replacing bits as they were failing (including probably having to fix the problem you’re having with old leaky in a rather permanent fashion after three full disassemblies/reassemblies of the print head) , and then to have it finally start working as I’d hoped when I first backed it on kickstarter. I’ve experienced the long delays and no responses from support, and I’ve had quick responses. I’ve had flux studio not talking to the delta on my laptop for some 3-4 months…

btw, Laser engraving (for me at least) is going great… I did two prints the other day on card and wood, and they were absolutely perfect with no fiddling or tweaking needed. Can say the same for the $600 printer sat on the floor beside me… it can’t even start a laser print as the stupid proprietary firmware homes the head before starting the ‘print’… and it crashes into anything you have on the print bed rather violently as it has a lead-screw gantry.

All I was getting at was they were just on break, and so are probably catching up… so a little patience… when we start hearing no response from support for 2-3 weeks I’ll then start to worry.


the one which tears it’s self apart is probably due to the wire being stiff and pulling on the toolhead, i had the same problem, OH and i didnt boil it in water :wink:


Yeah, that was a strange one… either that or some manufacturing defect in the magnets where they weren’t strong enough or not quite the right side for the rod ball joints (not enough contact surface area)? I think it was that issue that triggered the addition of the ability to disable the movement test to flux studio.

You’ll be quite safe the boil the toolhead as long as it’s not plugged in … and let it dry out afterwards :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: (sorry, couldn’t resist).

My money probably more on the magnets… unless it was an dodgy USB lead and too rigid or just not ‘flexed’ the right way… mine still has it’s original shape from when it was shipped (even after all this time), but I installed so it could keep its folded shape and not overlap the filament tube, and it wasn’t any issue. I also didn’t need to do anything with the new lead that came in the upgrade kit… which if that is the current one being used makes me think installation error (which was definitely the case at one time as it crossed the filament tube) or not strong enough magnets.


I was a bit shocked when he boiled the PTFE too, but actually, he dipped it after it was not boiling anymore. PTFE has a melting point higher than boiling anyway even if he had done so…

Regarding the stiff cable (looks to be more likely from the last video uploaded) the poor guy spent several days kneading that damn thing like bread dough, which is about 2 days 23 hours and 55 minutes longer than I would have the patience to do. Dodgy magnets still a possible suspect as well. Neodymium can be flawed right? I mean the dwarves who work in the neodymium mines can have a bad day just like everyone else.

I had hoped Claymenia would have come back to tell us the outcome of what happened (if it’s resolved). A brand new machine that does that, I’d be furious. We can for sure rule out the magnetic plate, no issues with that, in fact I’ve printed a few goofy things just to see if they’d stick. They do. Next up though is BronzeFill and PETG. That’s the real test of what sticks.


Indeed. A kickstarter project… you expect things to go wrong… a retail sale, not so much. Although since 3D printing is still in it’s infancy, you expect people to be more mechanically included and know how to idenfify things and fix them… (we’re not talking about “my computer won’t switch one” or “my microwave won’t go” class machines here :-P)

I’d hope that PTFE has a higher melting point than boiling since there is a piece in the hot end… that just a tad above boiling! :laughing: As I said before, I’ve had both the original and the replacement cable, and I fail to see how they are stiff enough to make the toolhead detach unless improperly installed. Which is why left room for a lemon, or some other fault that was contributory. Yup, magnets can be flawed… they could have be been demagnetized and very weak, or just be a bad batch. Stuff happens. It’s always good to hear the evaluation at the end, and find out how the problem was resolved, so the rest of us avoid it! :smiley:


yeah actually, i had to reposition my tube to stop it from pulling my toolhead out :slight_smile:


Yeah, one of the things that all of us ‘old hands’ here will say pretty quickly is “you’ve got the print head turned the wrong way around”… meaning that it probably isn’t documented that well that you NEED to have the USB connector on the toolhead at the front of the machine… and it probably isn’t the best idea to wrap the tube around the cable… :stuck_out_tongue: Documentation and setup guides can always do with some refinements :laughing:


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Go find your own lawn… or better yet. build a fence around it so we know who it belongs to :laughing: … I’ll get the :popcorn: out while you do that! :stuck_out_tongue: