Spare parts list?


One of the things I’m hoping for, from Flux, is a spare parts list. Those items that we should keep on hand for replacement, when necessary. Also specs for off-the-shelf items, like the feed tubes and fittings. A repair manual, with parts list/breakdown would be nice, too.
I know it’s still early in the life of this machine, just some suggestions…



It’s not early anymore FLUX. A lot of us are seeing signs of wear and starting to get concerned about sourcing parts.


They don’t care about us. We paid to get them up and running. Now they have a new product to sell that “might” fulfill the promises made on Kickstarter. And it’s apparently selling. So they don’t need us anymore.


I understand it can be frustrating, but I can say for myself I definitely do not feel that way. Many folks at FLUX Team have gone out of their way to help me out. Support is not always as fast or in the form that I may want, but they always get me back up and running. In addition, don’t overlook the community that you have access to here.


hi folks, FLUX Delta users are at the top of our list, there’s no doubt about that!
We’re sorry that we might not need your needs at all times, there’s indeed a lot to be done, we’re working very hard to provide better service. In fact, we are working on a spare parts list at the moment and we will put the parts on our online store soon.
Will keep y’all posted, cheers!