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I have been thinking of a few software suggestions

  1. If a print job has just completed, and you have not changed anything, calibrating should then become optional. The machine should not have to do its re-calibration routine.
  2. It would be nice to see besides %complete, total layers of project being printed, and current layer being printed.
  3. A virtual printer on the screen that is tracking printer process via simulation of print job.
  4. Hour meter, that keeps track of usage for the machine, just like an hour meter for a lawnmower. Then you can reset it after doing maintenance.
  5. Calculation of how much filament is being used for printing the object.

Thank you


Lubrication reminder / meter

The problem with #1, is if you just completed a print, you have to remove it. The process of removing it will knock the plate around and other things, thus requiring it to be re-calibrated. I actually was thinking about this as well.


I have removed items that I have used very little glue, without disturbing the plate. I’m waiting on the 3d glass plate that I hope would even allow me to use less glue. If the plate does not move, and even if it moves a mm, or two that should not affect the print job.



All your suggestions look very good, and interested.

For me the number 1 I don’t have problem to wait the whole calibration routine, but I understand that maybe other want to do a quick calibration, so instead of calibrating all the points just do the middle point. (this was possible before when you import the gcode model hitting the import button the printer will do just the middle point calibration but it was removed later).

The number point 2 it will be very helpful for more advancing techniques of printing.

Number 4 for me is a must, to keep the printer always lubricated. it will be very helpful if flux studio could alert you before hitting a specific accumulated hours to make maintenance.


Regarding number 4: I had the same problem so I decided to implement a lubrication meter! Check it out: I built a running hours monitoring tool!


Your telling that to him a year later… many users dissappear over here but all i know is darkmax is here.


Yes I’m still here on the forum, thanks @moejetz. I will try your tool thanks.