Slicing failure


I got an UH-OH error with cura. Does anybody know why that happens?


I get this often as well. Have you tried changing the slicer settings? I also exit the program, reload the stl, and then it works for no apparent reason.


I went back to fs 0.8.3 and there it works. Maybe 0.8.4 has some bugs.


Since i updatet fs and the delta firmware my prints are really bad. I went back to fs 0.8.3 but they are still bad. Does anybode have the same issue?


I am also back to 0.8.3, Cura in 0.8.4 is broken in Mac OS X but Cura2 works, I did not try the Win10 version.


Hello, I printed some supports for a laser engraver yesterday, and the ends were stringy like yours. Was not like that in previous version. I also get increased slicer errors with 8.4.