Shipping Information Received


DHL has sent me a email to notify me about the shipment 4 days ago, I wonder how long it takes for the printer to arrive. Please help


If you track the shipment on the DHL web site, it will give you an estimated delivery date.


At what stage will it give me the estimated delivery date ?


I asked dhl about it and i learn about the fact that the printer is still being held by FLUX.I wonder how long it takes for flux to send the printer to dhl


I’ve now received (today) 4 separate DHL notifications for the FLUX 3D Printer. How many different packages should I be expecting?

Each have a different tracking #, but each are 12.5kg.

I am keen to receive my printer, but this to me looks like some sort of a screw-up at the shipment facility.


Whats ur estimated delivery time ? Mine is 1/4/2016


All 4 of them still only show “Shipping information received,” so no ETAs until they actually have something in hand. Right now, it’s just “paper-work,” and isn’t a guarantee of anything.


One of the waybills now shows an estimated delivery time of March 28th 2016. Seems a bit aggressive as it’s coming from Taiwan, but I assume it’s by air.


I was surprise at how fast mine arrived in the US shipped from Taiwan. DHL is pretty speedy.


Yup, mine arrived in less than 2 days via DHL to South Carolina. I was impressed for sure. It was pretty neat watching it leave Taiwan when I was leaving work and it arriving in town before I got home from work the same day! It arrived on my doorstep around noon the next day. Crazy fast. These Flux guys don’t play around with slow shipping, lol.


Did you use the on-board camera to observe the travels of your printer? :slightly_smiling:


YAY my printer has arrived !! And it’s working very very well ! Worth the wait