Replacing Connector of Centrifugal Sunon Fan


Hey Folks,
I had to take apart my toolhead to to clean a messy filament clog and in the process of dismantling I nicked the wires and the connector head of the small centrifugal fan.
Does anyone know where I can get a replacement connector, preferably with the wire already attached.
This thing it too tiny to be handled by human hands, I’m assuming they’re assembled via some sort of tool or robot?
If it’s some sort of straight forward clipper I wouldn’t mind buying it to get the job done.

Alternatively, I would buy the entire fan with the connector already attached, but from a previous thread about this Fan model on this forum, it doesn’t look like they ship with this particular connector by default.


Make a search for “fan replacement” in this forum and you will find older postings on the subject. There are 2 different fan sizes in the print head, you have to check it carefully. Good luck.


Hey @mc_ott
I already did and found the relevant links, however information in the thread lead me to believe that the fans don’t ship with the connectors used by Flux (correct me if I’m wrong). This is why I was asking about the connector and wire separately.

I have sent a message to the Alibaba supplier of Sunon inquiring about the topic, but if anyone here has any additional information it would be greatly appreciated.


Hello again,

So the supplier send me the attached catalog asking me to specify which connector I need, I am trying to figure this out but it is certainly confusing.

Help would be appreciated


The connectors are the same as flux uses. But like i mentioned in the thread you digged up, the black and red wire on my fans were swaped. I dont now if its that way on every fan or if its just a fabrication failure. I recomend you to buy the hole fans and resolder them like we did in the other thread.


Hey @TKC, did you buy the Fan from the Alibaba link? Because you thanked Spiff in that thread, so I assumed you bought it from him.


I never got a reply from alibaba so i had to find an other store. The only one who sold those fans was a stor which only sent them in the usa. I am from switzerland so i had to ask find someone who lives in the usa and could send me the fans. I dont remember the name of the store but you can find it in the previous thread.


I am not sure what is the pitch between the pins in that small fan connector but I found this on ebay

making a search for mini Micro JST connectors,
“Mini Micro JST GH1.25 ZH1.5 PH2.0 XH2.5 Connector plug w/ Wires Cables 10SET”.