Replacement nozzles? Printing with abrasive filament


unless he printed 750 Marvins I am not sure how he did that… that only about 6g per print.

joke aside nice vase.


Yeah, loosening the heatbreak was the same problem I had… I ended up removing the nozzle due to a really bad clog for cleaning, and I ended up with the backflow of PLA oozing out through the printhead. Thankfully I was onto it right away as I was watching the print start up again, and after two disassemblies of the print head to work out what was going on I cured it of that ailment for good… the heatbreak will NOT be loosening itself in the life of that print head! :wink: :open_mouth:


Thank you @debre and @pfeerick I’ve had this problem for 7ish months now, after 2-3 prints I would always have to open the module base and clean the junk out and around the hotend (always thought it was the nozzle). Took the courage to dismantle and sort it out yesterday, it’s working perfectly now thank you very very very much for sharing this valuable info! Love and respect!

UPDATE: Couple days after, seriously this is an unbelievable revelation, I feel like a new man! I can print without worrying about the thread leakage woooooh!


So I’ve been using the micro Swiss nozzle for about 2 weeks now and I can say that it works just as good as a regular brass nozzle. Have printed with flexible, wood and glow pla and haven’t seen any signs of wear. I did notice that there is a bit more stringing on prints even with retraction set to 12mm. It seems that the coating on the nozzle has a very low friction as when I change filaments the excess pla in the nozzle drips out of the nozzle, however this rearly happened on the brass nozzle


cool! the flux store is now selling nozzles separately.


So after printing around 10hrs (60g) of abrasive filament I can say the Swiss micro nozzle are no better than statndard brass nozzles

Glow in the Dark Filament