Replacement nozzles? Printing with abrasive filament


I’m interested in doing printing with some of the more abrasive filaments (carbon fiber, metal filled, etc). These can cause accelerated nozzle wear, and I’m curious about the ability to (cheaply?) replace the printhead nozzle on the Flux when it wears out.

Any info from the Flux team?


I’m curious as well. Not only for experimenting with other filaments, but just maintenance and spare parts in general. I know there has been mention of a store of some kind opening to allow for such things. Is there any news on that? Again, I understand priority one is getting printers built and shipped, but we still have to look ahead, right? Any news would be great!


I have been told personally by a member of the flux team that once the Kickstarter obligations are met, they plan to open an online store for buying replacement parts. I have no idea how soon that might be, but I plan on getting a second base plate so that I can prep it for printing while the other plate is in the machine for a print.


I as well am interested in alternative filaments. Especially the metal-particle and wood-particle ones. Gotta say, I’m impressed with the variety coming out! Here’s a page with examples of a lot, along with links to places which retail them:


A while back they did an “update” showing their use of alternative filaments, including wood and metal, so I assume they are on top of that. Since they told me the supply chain would include ordering individual parts, I think nozzles will be on that list. I am interested in some of the wood, metal, and magnetic filament… but also some of the alternative filaments like nylon.


Yeah! All sorts of interesting things to print with these days. Hopefully we can get higher nozzle temps enabled for printing PETG.


Do you know if they are using standard nozzle sizes or something propriety? I haven’t received my printer yet so I can’t check. I was looking at getting some nozzles from E3D.


The installed nozzle doesn’t look very similar to the E3D nozzles you linked. They look more like the ones I found on Amazon:

You could also see the pics from this thread to get a slightly better view of the nozzle: Printer Head bottom cover started melting

I’m honestly not 100% on the differences in nozzles or whether the installed one is meant to be replaced, but I would assume they went with a standard, and relatively cheap, nozzle for mass production.


@Simon Can you confirm which are the correct nozzles?


Update:Seems like @AmnNate has found some appropriate nozzles. They are the Mk 8 version with a M6 X 1 male thread to the printer


Did someone buy a replacement nozzle yet? If so which one?

Would these work?


Yes I have that nozzle on the printer right now.


Ok good thanks for the info :slightly_smiling:

I ordered some from there…üsen-nozzles/
might be interesting for other people in europe.

How about changing the heatbreak to a coated one? Did not have a look yet… is that a possibility?


There is a Kickstarter project being run by the people behind to produce 0.4mm tungsten print nozzles for 1.75mm filament. Tungsten is better in hardness, thermal conductivity, and expansion coefficient than either brass or steel, making it better for high-temperature or abrasive filament. They are, however, significantly more expensive than brass or steel nozzles.


Backed, thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:


I bought these -


Hi everyone! I’m looking to purchase a new nozzle but I was wondering if the links here are exactly the same dimensions as the original? If not, did the machine work just as fine with it or did you have to do adjust the layer height (for a longer/shorter nozzle) via flux studio? thanks (I’m hoping to purchase the one @pmbroth linked it looks pretty good)


I just replaced the original nozzle that came with my Delta. I’ve done around 750 print hrs on it maybe used 5kg of standard PLA filament, nothing abrasive. As you can see my nozzle is pretty worn down. I bought some basic 0.4mm brass nozzle from Ebay and I’ll provide an update once I’ve done a few prints.


Cool, I thought you were a new user, how in the world did you do 750 prints and use 5kg? I mean if you couldn’t setup your delta sometime ago then your new… right?

Just curious. And please post the ebay link too, good luck!


I’ve had my Delta for just over a year now, I’ve just had many issues trying to connect to my Delta as when I set it up I didn’t move it for almost a year then when I decided to move it I had all sort of issues connecting via wifi and usb.

Haha yeah I do many prints at 100 & 50 microns so some prints take up to 30hrs +

Here is a print before I changed the nozzle (Mind you there is some under-extrusion from my S3D settings not calibrated) But I could see the quality of my prints degrading.

(100 Micron layer hieght)

I did this on the new head @ 50 Micron layer height (Currently testing if watertight)

I did have 1 issue where I had PLA leaking out the top of the hotend. I initially thought it was coming out of the side of the nozzle. I had to take most of the tool head apart to clean it up. I think when I was taking the nozzle off, I might have loosened the hotend and PLA was back-flowing through the top of the hot end. Anyway it all works fine now.

These are the nozzles I bought

I also bought this nozzle as I want to start printing with wood, glow, carbon filaments

Filament overflow near nozzle, no problem printing but ugly lumps dripping