Replacement Lubricant/Grease?


I finally ran out of my lubricant that go on the end of the rods today. I didn’t realize that the bottom of the container was concave.

I know I’ve seen mentions here and there, but figured it would be good to consolidate it all in one place. What do you recommend for a replacement to what came in the Flux? Amazon links appreciated!


Good call on the consolidation.

I ordered this:

It should be here tomorrow and I plan to report back with the results sometime this weekend after putting it to the test.

@Matfink mentioned his choice as well:


So, I used this when I installed the laser head for the first time this weekend. It ran laser jobs for probably 15 or so hours and hasn’t shown any sign of turning black on the ball ends yet. I think this is likely due to the slow speed of the laser, so this probably isn’t very indicative of its performance yet. I’m going to switch to the printhead and put it through it’s paces though.
I can say, that the lube I linked to feels a bit thicker than the included lube. It looks pretty much the same, but I have high hopes that it will outperform the Flux stuff. I’ll keep ya posted.


Any thoughts on lithium based grease? I can find that in abundance where l live. And cheap too.


Ford Motorcraft PTFE Lubricant is the best PTFE grease I have tried. It has worked wonders on my Flux! Smother operation, better prints, longer intervals between reapplying. You can get it at any Ford dealership, or amazon.


I’m trying this at the moment. A LOT less black mess and about an hour in appears to work OK. Time will tell of course…


I have gone to a dozen shops here in South Taiwan and everyone tells me that PTFE lubricant is impossible to get. :frowning: OR they tell me it is a solid plastic and not a lubricant. :confused: I move to the USA in three months… I will make what I have last.


Maybe Flux can add this to the store that I just found out today exists for reordering the flux branded filaments.


I’ve been using the same WD-40 Wet PTFE spray and it works a charm, no black residue and the magnetic joints seem to work really well.


Hi All,
I have bought some of this to try. Silicon with Teflon/PTFE. Looks the same as well.



It appears to reduce friction better than the supplied grease. This is ONLY day 3 however. . . an experiment in progress. Use SPARINGLY and shake well before using. I applied it with a foam cleaning pad to coat a thin layer to the ball ends and and ring magnets. Moving a rod by hand with one end attached to the toolhead ring magnet felt easier . . .to me anyway.

So far, no visible buildup of any kind.

Available everywhere.
I’ve used this product on tools,locks and handguns with excellent results.
There are, no doubt. products similar to this that probably work as well.


I’ve been using break free on gunsmithing for years. Why didn’t I think of this? Great idea!


Hey, do you guys think that I can use this stuff on the flux?
It’s the only solvent free at my place.


Will anything go seriously wrong if I use this?


The stock stuff is silicone based, I believe. Make sure that what you’re using is compatible and won’t clump or react in any way. My suspicion is that singer oil is too low viscosity and will drip out instead of the paste/grease that comes on the bearings stock and “sticks” to the moving parts.


Used this product wd40 wet ptffe fort hat Last 10 Hours without any problems… Seems to work!


I used and tested both WD40 lubricants and Gel Lubricant is must better because it stay, no black build up residues and last longer 50hrs printing without problem.


it turns out it works pretty darn well! 5.5hrs of printing in two days and still ok. i just put two drops. so that it doesnt leak all over the place…


Any PTFE-based lubricant. Here’s my tub of Super Lube from Amazon!

Super Lube 41160 Synthetic Grease (NLGI 2), 14.1 oz Canister, Translucent White