Removing the nozzle


Is it just a matter of unscrewing the brass nozzle with a socket? It’s seized pretty tight and the block it’s screwed in to is shifting. Just wanted to confirm that’s there are no other tips before I apply some more force :slight_smile:


You’ll probably want the nozzle to be hot when you do it. The filament inside is as hard as a rock, and it’s holding it together. After it’s warm, you’re only fighting the tightness of the nozzle itself and won’t have to shear off the filament that’s inside.


also after heating , grip the block with a wrench while turning out the nozzel with the socket


Thanks! Both great tips. I let it cool after unloading the filament because I thought the tightness was due to the hot brass expanding! Hopefully all goes well tomorrow and I can test out my cheapo spare nozzles that I can wreck with some carbon fiber filament. I didn’t want to start printing with that until I had a had the spare nozzle situation sorted out. Looking forward to the tungsten nozzle on Kickstarter shipping.


I think that the aluminum will expand more than the brass, so heating it up will make it even looser.


I did everything suggested and the nozzle switch was a breeze. Also, the super cheap eBay nozzles are working great, so it’s time to start playing with abrasive filaments :slight_smile:


That is good to know thank you :). Could you specify what is the diameter of the nozzles? Thanks


The standard nozzle is a 0.4mm tip; if you get one with a larger opening, you’ll be able to print faster at the expense of detail, and a smaller one will increase detail at the expense of speed. With either, you’ll have to tweak the Expert settings to adjust your printhead speed to account for the change in the volume of extruded filament.

[quote=“Programbo, post:6, topic:1992, full:true”]
I did everything suggested and the nozzle switch was a breeze. Also, the super cheap eBay nozzles are working great, so it’s time to start playing with abrasive filaments[/quote]

I’m taking a longer-view solution; I backed a Kickstarter that will be producing tungsten nozzles, giving better wear resistance than steel with thermal characteristics better than brass, so I won’t have to worry about whether I’ve got a worn nozzle when I’m switching filaments between standard PLA and a more abrasive specialty filament. (The kickstarter has 21 hours left as I write this, so if you’re interested in it, you need to move quickly.)


This very interesting! I will not back this but I will keep it in mind, thank you. When you say you need to change speed when you change the nozzle diameter, is there a way to calculate it or do you make experiments?


I backed the tungsten nozzle a couple weeks ago. 16 hours to go! Doesn’t ship until January, though. I hope they get that extra €3,700 for the stretch goal.


I’ve just been experimenting. I have just ordered some 0.5mm nozzles because I have been having trouble with the Proto-Pasta stainless steel filament. Hoping the larger diameter nozzle will be less prone to clogging. The real issue seems to be that Flux retracts the filament when crossing an air gap and the flow doesn’t start again quickly enough. Steady printing seems okay, but when it starts jumping gaps it all goes to crap.


If you click on ‘Advanced’ in Flux Studio, under the ‘Expert’ tab, you’ll find the line

nozzle_diameter = 0.4

Slic3r will adjust its extrusion settings based on the value you set here. If you’ve made a lot of changes to the other Expert settings, you may find that you are underextruding or overextruding (both of which have clear signs in your prints) and will have to tweak the movement speed and extrusion rate values, but if you’re not trying to get really clever with the expert settings, you should be okay.


Have you tried reducing the retraction distance in the expert settings? Or you could even disable it but then you would have more trouble with oozing.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks lolo, I didn’t even think to look for that :smiley:


Anyone who got on the tungsten nozzle KS tried it yet? I have mine just sitting here staring at me because I don’t want to kill a print head :slight_smile:


I’ve changed my nozzle a bunch of times, but I wasn’t going to install my tungsten nozzle until my Delta+ upgrade kit arrives.


I also ordered the KS tungsten nozzles but did not receive them yet. However, I have no intention of taking apart a good working nozzle. My almost 40 years of engineering experience tells me not to fix something which is working as it should! The original nozzle is not worn out and I have been printing nonstop for a year very controlled extractions with PLA and occasional PETG. I also check occasionally the nozzle performance by printing 1, 2 and 3 skin thick empty square boxes. In my case, tungsten nozzles will be spares for now.