Refund or custom taxes over 100$


Flux had committed to refund for the custom fees that would be higher than $100 and I had to pay $159 to release the printer at DHL.
But no answer from the flux team when I asked how to proceed for the re-fund of $59… :frowning:
Has anyone been confronted to the same issue ?

Thanks in advance for the answer


In case you haven’t seen it, Shawn has posted in a kickstarter comment:

(2) About the Tax Refund

Our tax refund policy is to absorb the tax difference higher than
$100. Please provide your tax receipt copy, backer number, and Paypal
account for us through It will take us around 2 to 3 weeks to finish the payment.


Thanks, it is clear now. I was missing the email address where to send the elements.




@cas, @Vincent
Oh. I had forgotten. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Email sent with requested info :slightly_smiling:

Cordialement from South of France :wink:


Send an email about it on March 23th. Still haven’t gotten any responce.


Has anyone gotten anny responce back from the makers?


No still not !!!
Even with all requested info provided !!


Me neither… It’s getting realy anoying. Every reqest I have is unanswered…


DHL charged me 199,80 EUR. which is roughly 225 USD.

I also filed a request with FLUX, lets see when (if) I get an answer.


Has anyone heard back from the creators?


Still no answer, no refund despite all info provided…

We are not going to launch a class action !!! Lol


I am in the same situation, no refund since one month.

But be patient, they have others priority.

We can wait ! :))


Has anyone gotten a response ?`

I am kind of annoyed that they don´t respond.

Yes they have created a great product, but they also promised us this tax refund and now just don´t respond to it.


Same here…They asked for the billet, so I’ve sent it. But it’s been more than a month since then. Hope we get a response soon!


Almost two months now without any answer from the Flyx team… Did anyone got an answer or a refund ?

Thanks in advance !



No nothing happened.

But in their latest kickstarter update they wrote something about their PayPal account having problems and it should be resolved within the next weeks.


I’m still waiting too…


any news?

I sent the mail today


No News… It sourds like they won’t do it…