Really bad prints


My prints were really bad after i updatet flux studio and the firmware. The walls are not adhering together. I tought if i just install the old versions, this would help. But thats not the case. I imported my old settings which workd fine but my prints are not any better. I lubricated everything new. So thats not the problem. The printhead extrudes fine i think. Has anybody had dthe same issue or has an idea what it could be?


I think the issues here are likely either temperature or filament.


i tried 3 different fillament colours which all worked fine befor. so i think thats not the problem. I am going to try different temperature settings. Do you think the temperature should be higher or lower?


So i increased the temperature. The print is much better. But there is still one error with the walls. They are still not stiking together well. Any idea which setting could help? (Sorry for bad quality.)

FLUX Studio 0.9.0 Change log

I tried the same cube print with slicer. No errors with the walls. So it has to be a settings problem from cura and cura 2. Does anybody now what it could be?


Your extrusion multiplier needs to be increased. I’m not sure how to do it on the Flux software as I use S3D but im sure it’s somewhere in the expert settings


Check the post Vertical De-laminations .
I put my Cura gcode for the Cube sample, you may try that maybe… I don’t know if @Jerry resolved his issue, he may be able to give you some pointers also.


Hello, In the expert tab of the advanced menu, there is a field called material_flow = try increasing that


Sorry for the delayed response gentlemen. This was a work travel week.

I fixed the issue (I believe) by doing two things:

  1. I was exceeding the filament(s) rated temp. NOW I’m printing at 195.

  2. Some how I increased the print speed by accident to 175. I’ve reduced it to 125 and everything seems to be better. I’ve only printed the 20x20mm cube. If there’s continuing issues I’ll re-post.

I hope this helps.


I tried your cura settings but it made it worse. I really dont know right now what the problem is. Slicer works fine…