Problems on first layer


Hello, everyone!

I’m having a problem when I print large pieces. It’s happening like 50% of the time. The first layers don’t attach very well to the rest of the object, and I can’t figure out why. Does anyone have an idea? The only parameters that I’ve changed from default are the first layer thickness (increased one unit) and the first layers speed, that I’ve reduced a bit.
Here’s a picture (bad camera, sorry) of the pice I’ve been trying to print:

Any ideas?


I also had this issue. I then changed the settings of temperature and cooling (i guess it was the cooling fans begin to work and the temperature lowering at the same layer which caused this problem in my case)


it could de[end on your room temperature and first layer temperature settings. Also just to make sure, your “first layer” is the first layer that attached to the raft? or are you not using raft?


I wasn’t using raft, it’s really the first layers. Hmm maybe it’s related to temperature…When I get home I’ll write up here the temperatures on the settings!


Hey drmaettu: what temp / cooling settings ended working for you?


He probably bumped the normal print temperature up five or so degrees (and possibly the first layer temperature also), so that the effect of the cooling fans firing up isn’t as problematic as it appears to have been in that case.


Thanks @pfeerick.
I’ll give it a try and report back.


After some upgrades on FS this problem got solved. Dunno what was the cause but the best bet is something related to the temperature. I rarely change something on configurations, always use the pre-defined parameters.


I just changed the setting for temperature reduction or fan start. So they are not on the same layer number. I thought that with the fan coming on and temperature reduction at the same spot, maybe the temp is falling to low. This helped in my case


Damm. It happened again. By default I was printing on 200°C. I’ll bump up to 205 and see if it solves! Any new tips besides temperature?