Printer not responding


Hi All,

I have just updated my flux to the latest firmware b14 to see if it fixed the Win10 issues I have, basically the printer does not work with either my Win10 Home or Win10 Pro systems. The machine is now effectively dead. It does not do a home after power on. Flux studio says USB device not found. I tried to go back to the earlier firmware but the machine just sits there with the white and green lights breathing after a power on.

Any ideas how I can get it working?



Further to the above, I plugged in my USB to Ethernet adaptor which was working yesterday but now it does not light up. It looks like there is no power going to the USB interface board. That would explain not reading the USB drive for updates and possibly not being detected by flux studio.

Anyone know how to get inside the printer to see if anything has come loose?


After update Flux Studio 0.2.9 Alpha and 14b firmware on my Win10 PC, my PC is able to connect with Flux via Wifi. There are some helpful instructions how to set up/fix the common issues here


After 12 days of printing, I have EXACTLY the same issue and it is not from any update. The printer just stopped communications and will not return to HOME with boot-up. The green WiFi LED will not light up at all. The FLUX team is on it. I have tried to reboot many times, connect by USB mini, and update by USB flash. The Printer is totally unresponsive. I am sick about it. Especially that right after it died the FLUX team got my MAC version of Studio working and I can’t DO ANYTHING WITH IT!!! AHHHH!!!


Don’t open your printer! It is under warranty now… They have to replace it if it is broken. Open it up and you may void that.


It seems to be something wrong right after a firmware update? Please press and hold the button and then plug the power in. If you can see a red-white blinking signal, release the button and see if the machine can go home after it finished its recovery mode. The machine will be reset to default.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the info, I will try it tonight and report back.


Hi i have the same problem printer not respond but the green light is on but i cant make contact whit wifi, i think ther is samthing rong whit the wifi in the printer


Hi Jim,

I can confirm that my flux is talking again :slight_smile: I did the reset by holding the button down and powering on. The light changed to flashing orange but stayed there for five minutes. At that point I restarted it and it then homed after booting. Flux studio is now connecting and it reports that I am using the latest firmware. I tried a laser etch but it looks like I now need then silver paper trick.

Thanks for you help.




Hi All,
My flux has failed again but this time it will not reset even after the holding the button down process. When I power up the printer there is no attempt to home the head. Trying to connect from flux studio just gets the USB device not found error. In Win10 devices, I can see the Silicon Labs CP210x device appear and disappear when I plug and unplug the USB cable.

Any help or ideas?

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I reported this to flux when my printer did exactly the same thing. They replaced the printer right away. Since I live in Taiwan it was less than 48 hours to get the replacement. I notice that model name in the “devices” list is a new model (not the name you give it but the factory lot name). It seems to work well now. The flux boys indicated that this problem was internal and they wanted to see first hand. So anyone else with this problem needs to report it via the Kickstarter messenger. Get you model replaced soon.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info. I emailed support yesterday and am now waiting for a reply. I am in the UK so I suspect any replacement may take a little longer to arrive.


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