Print quality degrades over time?


so if you see my profile pic, I have two amazing prints with awesome layer accuracy and stuff(the rocket), but now flux studio just makes a mess, I mean layers shift very bad, @Tiwaz waiting for him to upgrade linear bearings and give results, or maybe ill test first but i am gonna check tensioning, and will lubricate again, then i will give everyone an update on this, Good Luck!


don’t forget to check if you build plate is secure, movements it that one can cause layer shifts too.

Will be a bit before I can test… need to take my broken card out and send it back tomorrow.

I had layershifts because the lubrication was not “good” and build plate “vibration / movement”.

For the last issue lower print and travel speed probably will help a bit too.

  1. my build plate is definitely secure because I repaired my broken laser popping, and it’s just generally secure now.
  2. yeah, no rush:slight_smile:.
  3. will lubricate after otto’s feet.
  4. yup, I lower the speed depending on the quality I want(when my neighbor’s kids want gliders ;))