Please Restart Flux Studio


Every time i go to start a print it tells me UH-OH “Please restart flux studio” I tried restarted and reinstalling but it didn’t help.


could you send me your bug report and let me take a look? (menu > help > bug report)



is this report “before” or “after” the “uh-oh” error?


That one was before here is one after:


can you tell me what are your specs? firmware version, toolhead version, FS version


Firmware: 1.6.20
Toolhead: 1.2.7
FS: 0.7.6


let’s use PM (I’ve sent you a message)


is your printer connected properly ? this happens when the printer is not connected it says uh-oh pls restart fs studio when the printer is not connected in my case. hope this helps!


I don’t get an error message like you’re describing, but I’ll often go to start a print and have trouble connecting that goes away after I close and relaunch FS.

I’ve started homing the machine before I lay out a print on the build plate, just to make sure that communication is working.

Anybody else seeing this?


Yup… seem to that “connecting” message a lot now after the recent machine and software updates… seemed to come in around flux studio 0.7.4 / machine firmware 1.6.25.I tend to think the issue is in flux studio, as I think I was running that machine firmware for quite a while without any connecting issues.


try to degrade to 0.7.3 until the team fixes it, but keep this post going they need to take this post seriously


I don’t see the problem on my Windows 10 PC with a latest FS and firmware.