PLA arrived - finally


Eventually and I did actually make a paypal claim… After I made the claim I started to get action and replies to my email etc…

I have been told that they have 3000 spools in stock now so anyone else waiting should be getting shipment?

Please confirm that for others if possible.


Massive and constant knocking issues???

Is this because of the z offset issue?

But then it only happens in one area of the build plate at all heights it seems… The other parts seem fine.


I gone mine yesterday too, again, paypal claim had to be filed.


If you are using latest software/firmware/toolheadFW then knocking should happen only slightly on first layer.


change z offset to 0.2 and should not get rubbing (knocking on first layer)


thanks and I will try to do that before the next print.


0.2 was too much, nothing would stick to the build plate.
0.1 seems to be working for now.


I’ve never change a z offset on my printer and my first layer is fine. I think a calibration is taking care the z offset on a printing bed before printing.
Would you be able to have some explanation on the issue?


Something to do with the upgrade…

no more clunking I think. I have been printing only smalls today though.

So I have read anyway.


calibration should take care of the z-offset, however, there are many issues to have wrong offset

  • dropped metal plate so it’s not level
  • accumulated print left over, or glue left over
  • other problems

the last calibration data is saved and used for reference for the newest calibration. In our next release when calibration failed, it’ll be reset to 0. but of course, we do try our best (on the head firmware) to get the best reading as possible. (wild thought, maybe a laser guided reading? ha)


0.1 seems to be working now.

0.2 things were not sticking

0 the print nozzle was remelting the PLA and moving things around

I also had a calibration fail today for the first time…

I never take off the build plate really and never have dropped it.

Keeping the head and nozzle clean I think is getting tougher now with more printing…


Borosilicate glass is known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion versus metal plate. Metal plate might be warped that’s due to metal press cutting. I’ve not had an issue of z offset on Borosilicate glass. Why Flux don’t use the glass on Flux printer?


that is a good question, however, I am not sure if I can answer your question since I’m not in the hardware team, maybe @Jim can better give you answer =)