Paused with error (right at the end of print?!)


So, I’ve applied all the bits from the upgrade kit, including the upgraded extruder feed mechanism, and I’m starting to get a ‘paused from error’ warning at the end of every print. The print is complete as far as I can tell, and if I simply tell the printer to continue via the play button on the dashboard, it will heat up again, move back, and then almost immediately say the print is complete, and return to the home position at normal speed. This is with FS 0.7.6, machine firmware 1.6.51, and I believe the toolhead firmware is 1.2.7 (Upgrading to 1.2.13 since I had it already downloaded made no difference)

However, after doing another print and getting the same warning/error, it appears that the issue may be something to do with filament detection being a bit screwy? It paused with error at the end of a print after I upgraded to the 1.2.13 firmware because I downloaded it before it was pulled off the site, and this time when I went to the dashboard it said out of filament, so I simply started it again, and it warmed up and completed. Next up, disable the filament detection to see if that is really the cause! Very strange that it only happens at the very end of the print… something to do with the end gcode retaction???


it’s on the software side, this happened to me too it says something happened when nothing did just set the error detection to no in preferences-machine.


Yeah, I was sort of thinking that as well, but it only seemed to start happening after I started using the new feeder mechanism, so I was actually wondering if the filament switch is being given a nasty jolt when the final retract command is being given, and it triggers the no filament state. If it isn’t resolved by an update I’ll eventually just turn it off… but it just means I’ll have to keep an eye on the filament level. Then again, I think I had to upgrade the machine firmware and bumped it to 1.6.51, so it could be a bit to over-eager in reacting to the switch than prior the prior version I was running.