Ordering a Flux Delta+ - Refferal code - My suggestion when ordering


Hi! good day,

I just ordered a FLUX Delta+ DELUXE PACKAGE. And i noticed the refferal link did not function the first time.
I got confused, becouse there was no place to fill in the code.

What helped was that i first made an account on the www.flux3dp.com website. After that i waited a while, and than (after loggin in) i could use someone’s Refferal link (thanks Jeffrey! Happy printing/lasering/grabbing/scanning!)

Hopefully it helps someone with the ordering’,… Thanks!

Here is my referral link, hopefully someone finds it useful: 50$ discount

Happy printing/lasering/grabbing/scanning! Greetings from Holland!


thanks!!! @reauen hope you enjoy it



Welcome to the FLUX Forum and Congratulations on purchasing an awesome machine!

We also have a Facebook group if you are a FB user: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FLUXDeltaOwners/




@dolphan and Boozekashi

Thanks for the awsome welcome! :smiley:
Will check out the Facebook group for sure, and im defenetly gonna check out the Trophy room here on the forum. Neat
Cant wait for my Delta+!!



I see it now, i used your refferral link :smiley: Thank you for the 50$ discount!


Cant change my avatar on the flux3dp website, any of you got this too??
thanks! :smiley:


Yes, same here.

Can not make any changes to Account Info on the main website.


hmm ok.
The order is also still on processing, will probably just have to wait?

Love your posts btw BoozeKashi, most informative!


Any others still have “processing” on their orders??


It will probably say Processing until it ships, I’m pretty sure that’s how their store works.


Got in contact, they say it
stays on processing until shipping :wink: