No option to "enable upgrade kits"


I don’t find anybody with this issue, but after installing the Upgrade kit, and the machine firmware to 1.6.4 and the Flux Studio to 0.7.8, I go to preferences/machine/my flux and I found nothing about “enable upgrade kits”.
Am I the only one?
I’m not really sure if I should start and try the machine.
Did any of you guys have the same problem?


You need to upgrade to FLUX Studio 0.8.1 to see this in the preferences…


The upgrade kit settings actually came in in version 0.7.2 :wink:

Dunno why they’ve gone AWOL in v0.7.8, but I can’t say I’ve used that version or been into the machine preferences on that version.

Edit: But I do have animated proof from a recording I did showing where it was that it was still there in 0.7.7 - note the version number in the titlebar… so very peculiar!


Thanks, I tried to use version 0.7.2 o 0.7.7 but they are not available on the repository anymore.
I also tried 0.8.1 but it crashes before starting.
Should I suppose that 0.7.7+ versions don’t need to enable the upgrade kit?


you could try… do a small print like a cube and check if the camera, movements and error checks are working properly. hope this helps!


Hard to tell… we don’t actually know what turning the upgrade kit options on and off do or change. However, unless machine somehow knows the upgrade kit components are installed, parameters related to the camera and extruder motor will most likely be out of whack, depending on if you have the upgrades installed or not, and update the settings appropriately. Now, there is nothing to stop us looking through the 91 odd commits around when it is implemented… but I think we all have better things to do :wink:


Thanks, apparently everything’s working just fine.
Camera works, and the printer’s printing.
I guess in newer versions it’s enabled by default, however I don’t know how does it recognize the upgrading kit is installed.


oh… the machine is equipped with sensors everywhere, i think the rods are like switches, when the ball joint disconnects it detects the error by finding out if electricity is flowing through them. the heads has a gyroscope to detect tilts. it basically has a sensor for everything!


@pfeerick, put the lid back on that box Pandora :wink:


My best guess is that it would be able to tell from the camera.


No, I won’t! You’ll have to make me… you’ll have to fly all the way over to Australia and work on my Delta until it prints perfect Benchies… then I’ll stop!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the rods are used with the laser to detect tilt, not sure with the print head… though it was more sensor (accelerometer) based - so it could detect both the tilt and shake (or is that twist and shake? :stuck_out_tongue: ) Camera I can see the printer working out also, from the output. I think we’ll find out that @proclaim didn’t have enough Pepsi that day and broke the options when slaving over that update! :wink:


wow! you live in Australia! if makersMuse doesn’t apologize then you can get your pitchforks ready! @proclaim looks like he lost his coding coffee and maybe some pepsi but mostly coffee ;). @BoozeKashi Pfeeeerick got the [quote=“pfeerick, post:299, topic:498”]
Oh you silly Booze