New printhead fan


After my printhead stopped working because of a fan error, i did an RMA and asked if i could take apart the printhead without voiding the warranty. I got the answer that i can take it apart and that they will send me a new printhead. But flux team seems really busy at the moment. So i tryed to fix it myself. I took the printhead apart and meassured the fans. I found out that one fan is defect. I am now searching for a replacement by myself but i cant find one from a distributor which can deliver to switzerland. Does anybody know a distributor, where i can buy the fan “sunon EF35070S1-C010-G99”?

Replacing Connector of Centrifugal Sunon Fan
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Here is one site that I was able to find:


I found this site too but it seems like they send the fan just to america and not to switzerland. Or am i wrong?


Ah dang, yeah, it only looks like it is to America.
@Simon @Hunter Any words of advice?


What’s about the link


I saw that site too but it says there packaging 200 pieces and i have to contact the distributor. But i am going to contact them to ask if its possible to get only one fan.


hi , jeff here . i like the way you a going about fixing the problem . if you would like i will purchase the fan and send it to you . contact me at the only trouble i see is the time before getting the fan and then mailing . but am willing to help in any way .


I found this on Ebay:


@spiff Thank you really much. I am going to look if i can find a faster way and if not i will definitly contact you.
@mc_ott This would be the axial fan for cooling off the feeding gear motor(i think). But i need the radial fan for cooling the material. Thanks anyways for helping me search that fan :smiley:


Thanks to @spiff i finally got the fan. I was able to repair the head myself and it works now! If you wonder here is what i did (sorry for my bad english):

Deatach the filament tube and unscrew the two screws on top.

Unscrew the nut, lift the board and deatach the circled cables.

Unscrew the 3 screws on the bottom.

Take the board and the fans out of the housing. Unscrew the 2 screws on the defect fan and unplug it from the board.

Check the conections of the fan befor you reasemble it. The black and red wires on my fan were switched…
Now you can reasemble everything and your printer should work again.


hi tim , glad to see your post . it was very well done . hope this helps out others that run into this problem .


Did you buy a fan or did they send you a replacement fan?


I have bought them myself. I dont know if flux is going to send replacement fans. But 10$ a piece is ok if the printer works again.


Can you tell us from where? It may be good to know in case somebody needs one also.


I bought them on like Nordic_Rain mentioned earlyer in this thread. If you are not from the usa you have to find some one who is willing to buy it and send it to you. But i am shure there are enough forum user who would want to help.


I came across this old topic while searching for info on replacement fans. [quote=“TKC, post:10, topic:1652”]
Check the connections of the fan befor you reassemble it. The black and red wires on my fan were switched…Now you can reassemble everything and your printer should work again.
It appears you replaced one of two EF series (nozzle tip) fans. The connector is an insulation displacement type which requires special tools and new connector. The only other way to get the polarity right would be to switch (unsolder&resolder) the wires on the fan PCB. When you have a moment, please elaborate.


I did not use an other connector. I know this would be a better solution but i wanted to make my printer work as fast as possible. I cut the wires of the fan itself, stripped the insulations and soldered the wire ends. I used a shrink tube to ensure that the two wires wont make a short circuit.


Thanks for the quick reply. I have a soldering iron with a micro tip so will probably swap wires on the PCB . . .have done similar work before.