New on Kickstarter, multi-function tool, Snapmaker


I am a proud owner of Flux Delta and I also decided to support Snapmaker with CNC head. It has a smaller volume for 3D printing but promises CNC and Laser heads. Laser power is similar to Flux Delta, which is too low for my liking, but CNC seems probably good enough for PCB routing.


Nice! If I hadn’t backed the Kodama Trinus, which has very similar characteristics (leadscrew, all metal construction, multifunction, CNC head should be coming soon), I would be very tempted. It will be interesting to see if the snapmaker will be good for PCB routing, as I’d like to be able to do that with Trinus once they release the CNC head (or the even the flux if that ever happens).

I have this (probably irrational) queasiness about the Snapmaker due to the unbalanced look of the x axis… just hanging there in mid air over the bed, but I suppose it really just needs to hold itself up. All the best on that, and fingers crossed you get a fun new toy to play with! :wink:

btw, link for that is:


I looked very close at that one too. It’s starting to get some traction. Looks fairly well engineered, and being all metal helps that design, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to CNC, well once or twice maybe.