New LM Bearings


And its a good advice, when you hold the belts, so they could not fall into the bottom of the machine. When the belt isnt on the motorpulley anymore, you have to open the bottom as well.

Transport belts

For that purpose, one could probably use a clothe-pin to pinch the belt at the bottom in order to prevent it from falling off the bottom motor-pulley.


They were out of stock on amazon, got them at banggood, will install them together with upgrade kit.


Did install the Banggood Linear Bearings along with the upgrade, no problems following the above pictures & tips.
They are a little more noisy when running them by hand, but when printing the stepper motors are mutch louder anyway.
I used some oil that came with the upgrade kit and think this will be great.

The original bearings definitely have way more play, now printing a benchy with Flux Cura1 to check the result of the total upgrade.


@HayoBrouwer Do you think the BG bearings were of a higher quality, or are they just lower mileage?

That’s been my hesitation in buying anything yet. I have no way of knowing which ones are any better than the others.


Hi Jim,

More on bearings over here:

I order at Banggood Alot! (74 orders) Mostly Quadcopter and other RC related stuff.
The bearings are not the same as the ones on Amazon, they miss the engraving shown in the Amazon Pic.

I think they are dirt cheap but not low quality, 47 out of 49 reviews were 5 star and these the bearings were individually packaged to protect against dust & dirt.

There is noticeable less wobble in the carriages and the print head.
My original bearings are very loosly fitting, I never had any real trouble except on the first layer of maximum sized objects like the

My first 2 benchy’s came out fine, one with Flux Cura1 and the other with Simplify 3D.

I see no reason to spend more money on “Premium” bearings and I will definitely not go back to the original ones.

I think the S3D (0.15 210C) looks better and was a lot quicker but I use it all the time and tweaked the profile for my needs.
The Cura 1 (Medium 0.15 200C) is just default Flux Studio 0.8.1

Cheap Hobbyking Silver Filament


I’m only at 56. You win :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional info!


Ordered. I definitely have more wiggle in the carriages than I am comfortable with at this point.

Free shipping to Thailand. Whodathunkit?

I might be mad at you in the future if I develop the banggood addiction… I am itching to do an OctoPrint setup so I want to buy a RPi 3


Just never order a Eachine quadcopter, I have four and a fifth underway! (Eachine Racer 180 Tilt Rotor FPV)


I would lose that in less than 30 seconds. I have seen those, but they move way too fast for me to keep track of. I would have it wrapped around a tree faster than you could say “hey, where’d your drone go?”


Does anyone have an idea if non long LM8LLU would work?


I am guessing you are talking about using regular LM8UU bearings as opposed to LM8LUU bearings.

Short answer, no.

Long answer, 21mm vs 45mm. In this case, size does matter. The regular or ‘short’ version will not have enough surface area to provide stability. You may be able to somehow double them up in there but not sure how you would hold them in place and it would be wobbly.

For reference you can see them in one of @goldensnake’s photos above. They are essentially the same length as the carriage. The regular or ‘short’ version would be less than half of that.

I vaguely recall asking the same or a very similar question a while ago (maybe regarding IGUS bushings) and @Jimustanguitar straightened me out :slight_smile: