New Head with error #124


Anyone buy a new head for the delta and get the #124 error? I put the old head back on and it works fine. Not getting anywhere with Flux.


i think you have to use the upgrade kit settings in the flux delta series (not the plus model software) flux studio for the toolhead.


There’s no ‘upgrade settings’ for the tool head… only for the upgrade kit extruder and the camera. There would be no need for the toolhead, as the software would be able to identify the different heads itself. It’s just that we’re changing the hardware on the printer when applying the upgrade kit bits, and it has no way of knowing that.

@Richierich777 #124? So the printer is unable to calibrate its origin? I can’t see how the head can affect that at all… that is simply the test the printer does to find out if the carriage is at the top of the rails. I’ve only had that fail if the USB lead or filament tubes manage to get in the way of the carriage and jam things up.


that’s why the I think is there :stuck_out_tongue: I dont know if it’s there or not because I didn’t go through the upgrade kit and the flux delta FS :slight_smile: . i just guessed that from you guys ;).


every time i go to load it it just locks up no movement and says something is blocking the rails and nothing is. when i put the old head on it works fine


Do me a favour and try something. With the printer off, move carriages down the rods down say a third of the way down (and not fast, say take at least a second to move that distance). Now power up the machine. Does it home the origin itself after about 45 seconds (once the printer has finished booting up)? If so, it is most likely a firmware fault only, not a hardware one… as there is clearly nothing ‘blocking the rails’… silly printer! Maybe try loading the latest machine firmware and toolhead firmware (since it is seems to be toolhead related, I’d do the toolhead firmware first) and see if that cures it.


I will this weekend and then give you my results.