New Flux Version 1.2.2


I haven’t tried it, but saw this today.


  1. Fix Delta+ engraving / cutting / drawing thumbnails and svg parsing
  2. Fix Delta+ command options with usb cable
  3. Fix FCODE_CRC_ERROR for large files
  4. Fix reloading DXF from BVG files
  5. Improve usability of partial UI


Just started using my Flux Delta (upgraded, so IIRC it’s essentially a Delta+) again as it has a new workspace. Upgraded to v1.0.0, updated machine firmware to v1.6.86, toolhead was already v1.2.18. Seems to be working perfectly with default settings for a quick 22 minute print.

Anything in the post 1.0.0 updates that warrant the beta versions out? I’m on windows if that matters…


I noticed that laser etching on the printer got MUCH slower between 0.9 and 1.2. The head speed is slow to reposition between lines. If you have a chance to try that out, I’d love to hear what you’re currently seeing with 1.2.2