New Flux studio 0.8 and new firmware


Hello just noticed new flux studio and new firmare

What's new in flux studio 0.8.0?

Thanks for the info…

do you mean the firmware fluxhead_v1.2.18.bin ? that was there yesterday.

I am currently investigating if that one causes me some issues or the upgrade kit which I both installed yesterday.


The new 1.6.56 and the new flux studio 8.0 is there.


Here’s the changelog:


Thanks for @Milkdog :wink: So, any bets when Jim puts up the forum post? Slice of forum pizza for whoever gets the closest guess! :laughing: 6 hours from now?


Oh, and @pmbroth… the hour counter is here! :smiley:

Have a look under Machines -> [your machine name] -> Toolhead Info


Oh, and a bug report that I’ll have to link across when the changelog goes up on the forum (FS 0.8.0):

  • Hitting ‘view frame’ when in Engrave mode will move the head… even when it’s the printing toolhead, not the laser. Doesn’t do any harm… but it’s pretty pointless as no light comes out of it! :wink:

FLUX Studio 0.8.0 Change log

I noticed that. It would be great if you can reset it so that you can zero it out


Sssh! Don’t mention that… it took long enough for that to be added… we don’t want it to break now! :laughing: