My upgrade experience


Just want to share with the community about my upgrade experience :slight_smile:

I did it last Sunday and it’s real smooth. I’m quite worry about breaking something when taking it apart and the tutorial videos really help me out. Big thumbs-up!

And I’m agree with @Milkdog on his post that the installation time is way more than they suggested… I think I take more than a hour to finish the laser pole upgrade.

I don’t have time to test it until last night, and it just blows me away! I first start a test print with default settings and it sticks to magnetic plate nicely with no warping, and the first layer is smooth and flat.

New one at the bottom, compare with print before upgrade

I’m really excited and print a spinning top for further test, and the result is just amazing!

The print is precise and the curved top surface is smooth. There are still some stringing but it’s way better than before. It’s overall a great improvement and highly recommended to all Delta owner.