MakersMuse just insulted the flux!


On the agenda for tomorrow. :wink:


i wanted to use the scanner… once… but it made flying islands everywhere, the scanner is not perfected it doesn’t even come near OK, the others are fine, flux is not a 3D printer - its a multifunctional tool, but the scanner… i would keep it if it worked, the heated bed could use magnetic connectors and keep the scanner, but i dont want to keep it :slight_smile: , because it doesn’t work. AND… almost feeling bad for you guys for your print quality… then :frowning:it happens to me i get infected… my row of good prints can’t end like this! oh this is also making me consider re… re… replacing… the FLUX DELTA+. im not so sure about the 2 different versions, as i said flux is not a 3D printer, give me your opinion on this…


To have a a good print, a tool head needs to be pushed or pulled precisely and equally forces. Since the belts are already tension, my best guess is those linear bearing or belt pulleys. The bearings are not expensive. In my experience, while replacing the bearings, I can inspect all linear rods and others. That’s a great experience on how to maintain a Flux printer yourself.


There is also a Video from Make Anything!


nice review, fairly spot on…


Was very nice to see that with my coffee this morning. Posted on the FB group. :relieved:

I am glad he actually took some time to do things properly.


thank you! finally, someone actually putting time into the review!