MakersMuse just insulted the flux!


I don’t think that’s an insulting review at all. (Maybe you use the word “insult” differently than I do?)

He seemed objective and reported what he found. His print quality (with the cat) did seem lower than I’m seeing, so maybe that’s just a bad roll of filament. It didn’t seem like he dug very far into why he didn’t get better prints, but he did report what he found with the default setup and the roll of Flux filament.

One thing he highlighted that has always bugged me is the lack of a heated bed. A heated bed would make this printer so much nicer to use. That said, my Kickstarter Flux didn’t come with that magnetic print surface he has. I’ve tried BuildTak on my bed, but it isn’t perfect without heat either. It looks like the magnetic print surface would be something nice to have (I’ll look for it on the Flux store). I’d love to get rid of tape & glue. Yuck.

He mentioned that the auto-level feature worked well. I’ve seen the same. That works great.

He doesn’t try out the other heads, but many users probably won’t find those that useful. The laser power is very low, so it’s of very limited use. Putting a pen in that head is entertaining once or twice, but that was about it for me. The engraving/laser/pen area is too small for many projects, so those are also things that will keep people from being excited about the other heads. He didn’t report on the scanner, but that’s probably a good thing. I’ve never been able to get anything good out of my Flux’s scanner.

He very quickly compares it to the Prusa i3 Mk2. I have a Prusa i3 clone and think that’s a worthy comparison. The price is fairly similar. It’s definitely not as pretty of a design as the Flux, but my Prusa gives much more reliable & consistent prints than my Flux (E3D V6 hot end, heated bed & BuildTak – it works perfectly almost every time). Because of those things and that I can print PETG on my Prusa, I use my Prusa about 95% of the time instead of my Flux.

The section where he talks about the filament holder is completely valid. The printer looks great with the lid closed and Flux filament. However, buying only Flux filament doesn’t work for me. I printed this external filament holder and it seems to work OK:

Anyway, I think if the Flux could support other filament materials (like the 250C needed for some PETG filaments) and had a heated bed, I would use the printer a lot more. It might even become my printer of choice.


After more than a year of fine tuning my S3D settings to work with my Flux Delta printer version 1 and one last tweak on bed leveling by 0.15mm on two corners by linear rods, Flux printer has a ROCK SOLID PERFORMANCE on my latest 3DBenchy test. A brown 3DBenchy was the test from last year in comparing a current red one.


Ya, he didnt insult it, i was surprised and in a hurry so i didnt make the best title, the scanner is well, no good, i got one awesome scan once (half the scan was good), the scanner scans things twice, if flux cant write 3d scan code then they should collab with a company that can, but i get much better print quality then him, just recieved the other heads today, flux is very bad at ETA’s they told me ill be getting it 3 or 2 weeks ago, but it came much later, ill have to see if the toolheads are exiciting or not.


Thats about what i get get, just a lil bit better (a lil less stringing on flux studio). Well good luck with the retraction settings!


Did you not participate and get the free upgrade kit?

The magnetic build plate was just one part that was included in that.

I agree that I would not say ‘insult’ but I don’t think Angus was objective at all in that interview. Jamming a non-manufacturer spool in the top diagonally and then commenting that the extruder ‘makes noise’ is hardly objective in my opinion.

I have subscribed to, watched, and learned a lot from his channel almost since he started and that review was not normal. I actually think he was drunk at the time or had one foot out the door for his US trip. In all of his other reviews, he has never just stopped at default settings. He goes the extra steps and gets good prints.

Even his little follow up with the tolerance test model, he mentioned the FLUX again that he tested ONLY at default settings with reported bad filament, but then casually reported two other printers that he used Simplify3D and Slic3r with. That is not really an objective test either, since those other printers were not tested with manufacturers defaults but compared to the FLUX again anyway.

No, it isn’t quite an insult, but it isn’t quite right either.


Wow. Those are some decent quality benchys. I used to get them pretty close, prior to the upgrade kit, now there’s all sorts of under extrusion, bad layer adhesion, weak parts, etc.

Increasing the flow by 10-15% helps a little, but it’s still shoddy at best.

I still agree 100% with what MakersMuse reported on this printer.


@usslindstrom run after him with pitchforks! my point is thats the worst review he has ever made! i get much better print quality with my flux without “digital skin disorders” i get much better performance after tweaking the settings for 2 months, and 0.7.1 on april 28th? what the hell angus! the filament thing is wrong too, he should print a spool holder and open his mouth! for boozeKashi and me… this is like… :sob:… ku…ku…kun… kungfu mo… kungfu movie! my master had to betray me! and i had to end him!


You sir, just won the internets.

Although I may have mistakenly just assumed genders by letting you know that.


You guys crack me up. LOL

Interesting @usslindstrom that you mention the same issues that everyone else is having problems with. @pfeerick even came up with a new term for the way the extruder makes a new clunk sound when printing infill but seems to print shells without difficulty, bad first layers, etc. I am definitely seeing the layer adhesion and weakness issues that you mention with the exact same filaments that used to print just fine a month ago.

@jimustanguitar @goldensnake @proclaim I’m tagging everyone because here is another having the same issues. My upgrade kit did not come with a tinfoil hat. What are the odds that this many of us are all having the same problems at the same time?


My printer is over a year old; my tool head time stamp is about 900 hours of printing. I’m satisfying of my printer performance after fixing a first layer problem with the most current version of FS and firmware. FS is not my issue because I use S3D instead; so if there were any issues on a printing that would be related to the Flux firmware. Thinking about @Tiwaz and @Tyrolean issues and others, I don’t think that is a software problem because I don’t have the problem on my printer. The only thing that would be blame on is hardware; something (bearing, vertical rods, ball rods and etc…) is loosing tolerance that’s caused the problem. It seems the problem is surface after installing a new filament extruder :frowning: . However, there are a lot of thing we should consider to a root cause of the odds that will be awhile to iron all the problem.


Thanks @goldensnake. I share your opinion. The quality of my prints is getting worse. I was very happy with my Flux since I backed it on Kickstarter and got very good results. But during the last weeks I got more and more disappointed and frustrated. I spent hours with troubleshooting (thanks to the people in this forum), tested 4 slicers with different settings and different PLAs, checked and lubricated the rods, purchased a non vibrating cabinet for the printer and so on.

I sent my printer to Flux because of feeding errors and they fixed it. I also installed the upgrade kit. After getting back the printer from Taipei the quality of the prints was very bad. No comparison to my previous prints. No more reason to be proud of the printer. My workmate laughs at me with his Anet A8 (150 Euros). Sure, that is a printer only - but 3D printing was the main reason for backing the Flux.

I purchased an Anet A6 two months ago as a backup printer. Currently the nozzle is clogged but I will fix this asap. And maybe I degrade my Flux to a laser engraver and use the Anet as my main printer in the future. But hope dies last…


I feel with you I an honestly starting to consider replacing the flux.

First it has many gimmicks I don’t use and some other people have not used with much sucess… yes I am looking at you 3d scanner :frowning:

The laser I feel is way to weak… some thing like 5W would be usefull and not 500mW

I will not get the vinyl cutter as I feel that the cutting surface seems to limited for me (12x12 cm square)

The ones I an considering:

  • Tevo little big monster (about 750€)
  • Prusa Mk2s with dual extruder kit (the expensive option with long lead times, about 1000€ that including the dual color kit).
  • Cr-10 (the cheap option, usually less than 400€)

tevo little big monster is what I wish the flux was :frowning: or so it seems from what I have seen.


Okay, I stayed up late, ran some tests and got some surprising results. Give me a couple minutes and I will post pics in the other thread where discussion started, but I wanted to make a few notes here.

  1. The black tape trick works!

  2. In my case, I am well upwards of 1600 print hours, and have not changed the extruder or any hardware except the printing toolhead (~80 hours on new one).

  3. I have the upgrade kit, just have not had the time to install and when I do it seems my other printer knows it and chooses those times to jam, clog, or shut down, so I don’t want to take the FLUX offline at the same time…

  4. I have a full set of brand new LM8LUU bearing to install too and I am quite certain that will make a big difference.

  5. Do not give up hope, there are a lot of us here that will help, in addition to FLUX Support and we want to see those machines printing. You never, ever have to take any trash talk from Anet users, just ask him how many upgrades he has printed or purchased for his printer. Done. It isn’t a $150 printer, it is a hole that users pour money into. Besides, #TrophyRoom… Benchy’s talk. We’ll get you straightened out.

  6. I’m not going to discuss other printers on FLUX’ forum beyond this (just seems a little rude), but I will on FB. I will say that of those 3 that you mentioned, 2 are good and 1 is a fire hazard.


I did not mean to be rude and I don’t think it hurts when they know about some things… which might change their design ideas for the flux v2

Like for example I would prefer a heated bed instead of a scanner…


I know you didn’t :slight_smile: no worries, and I agree it is a good heads up, but I think a direct suggestion to them to maybe offer different models might be a better approach.

Delta+ Print The Delta Printer with higher temperature toolhead and a heated bed. (No scanner or camera)

Delta + Multi The Delta multi-function with Scanning, Camera, vinyl-cutting, etc.


yup that is what I was about to add :smile:


I second that proposal! Where do I send the petition? :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:


@pfeerick In all seriousness, Peter, can you create a new thread?

  • Yes
  • No

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You’ll find a very nice Poll Builder tool under the gear icon. I think a good thread kitted out with a well-crafted poll would allow FLUX users to give the FLUX team a clear and concise message about the kind of product that Users would be interested in.

I can help you with it, but let’s get a new thread started first, get all the ideas compiled get some consensus and then put together some polling options and unleash it. Then FLUX Team will have a nice handy picture of core group wants, and without ever even paying for any focus group testing… :slight_smile: That’s gotta be worth something, like oh, I don’t know, another shipping option or something maybe?


More Benchys!!! This is from about a week or so ago (I know it’s late), when we I switched over to @mc_ott Cura2 settings. I think she’s seaworthy and good enough for a weekend fishing trip with the buddies, but maybe not a two-week ocean voyage. There is room for improvement still. This was prior to the recent @goldensnake tape and recalibration I did yesterday, so I will print another soon.


I want to see a 3DBenchy after the fix if you can :+1:.