MakersMuse just insulted the flux!


nooooo! makersMuse just insulted our printers 3 days ago! i recommended it to him :sunglasses:.

help us flux team! even the prusa is better!


well the Prusa i3 mk2 is a very good printer… if I would buy an FDM right not that would be it… especially as it can use up to 4 filements at the same time.

I hate support… having the option to use water soluble filament for support would be great.


Interesting conversation about this on the facebook group over the weekend.


Not saying I totally agree with his video but seeing some fuckups I had with the flux recently I get it.

I think the problem is that he rushed it and did not play around with it engough.

just saying… looks a bit like the issue he had :frowning:


Bit slow there @aw1… we’ve already been there, done that! :laughing:

But yeah, it looks like he just got a bad batch of filament, and some sub-optimal default settings. As he said, this is only part 1… once he’s hat time to dial in the settings properly, and actually learn things like the button the front doesn’t just flash random pretty colours, he should come back with a more favourable video and verdict… else us Flux fanboys will be after him with pitchforks :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:


so… are you insulting the flux too? you do realise we can fix this right?


yup thats right, i told him about that in the comments


Flux printer has a great performance with Simplify3D.


great!, you should help pfeerick!


Nah, I can’t be helped. :open_mouth: Anyway, I’ve had good performance in the past… I’m just playing dumb user atm, and the experience of a dumb user would not be good. So it’s very easy to see why the part 1 of the review wasn’t that great.


I’m dying from the inside… SKYNET IS UPON US!.. MakersMuse is hating the printer, its killing me too much. he didn’t compliment it and he didn’t show the other modules in action! he is part of SkyNet, he is already killing me!


Luan didn’t you print The Three Graces statue last year?

Another @William_Ishiwata just posted one in the Trophy Room, I mentioned you if you have any advice for support settings to get better results on hands/fingers.


It gives some pretty decent prints. I haven’t actually messed with the stock settings and have been doing basic stuff with it. I haven’t needed it for anything complex, so I haven’t even tried. The only issues I am actually having that probably can be fixed in the settings is the underside of my prints is far from smooth. Any over hang results in banding of filament and requires a lot of sanding.

The upgrade caused issues too. The filament feeder upgrade just wouldn’t work. It keep hanging up and chewing into the filament. I ended up putting the old one back on as I wasn’t haven’t any trouble out of it. I’m wondering if the noises he heard on the review and the “under extruding” was a result of that new feeder messing up.


I love the flux too… But everything Maker’s Muse reported on is spot on. This printer absolutely isn’t without flaws, and their stock PLA left a LOT for the imagination. (An example of a problem I experienced with the stock filament: What retraction settings are you guys using?

The machine is awesome, and I’ve had some decent prints - so don’t get me wrong by any means. But his critiques of this thing are correct. Side note, the quality of prints shot down the toilet once I received the upgrade kit also. Weak prints, under extrusion, etc. I’m working through them one at a time, but yeah…


Yeah, that is strange isn’t it… as if the upgrade kit settings in flux studio don’t actually do anything… as you’d think they’d be able to apply any needed compensations for the different extruder mechanism easily enough…

I love the Delta also, but it certainly isn’t printing its best works atm… :open_mouth: And I haven’t had any time recently to play with it, although I want to try out Luans alternate S3D settings, as I think he’s worked something out for the upgraded extruder…


What’s this you say about @Goldensnake has new S3D settings? Where? Where?


Not sure it’s new settings, but Luan specifically said something about settings for the new extruder in another comment thread… 7mm rings a bell for something… not sure what!


V2 filament is fine, I get good results I took me about 2 months to fix my print quality


After I replaced a filament extruder from an upgrade kit, it constantly chewed a filament with clunking noises. I have to reduce a retraction speed from 3600 down to 2600mm/min and XY movement speed from 9000 down to 4000mm/min. The only minor problem with a new extruder is clunking noises while printing a first layer, I just have to release a lever momentarily, reduce pushing force/realigning a filament. However, a first layer is still printing in-evenly on each quadrant of a glass bed, especially printing with a large object. Z-offset won’t help on the problem. Hopefully, Flux team can have some solution on calibration or manually adjust the Z-offset on each quadrant of a bed surface.


Exactly what happens to me