Mac testers for FLUX Studio v0.2.7


I have the exact same issue. If not for my miniature windows box, I would have nothing printed.


What’s your OS version?


@Simon: I’m on Windows 10 and the newest Mac OS, but it’s not actually happening to me any more.


I have a bit of a different problem. With Studio 0.25 on my Mac (OSX 10.10.5), I was able to connect via USB to configure the wifi. That works fine. I went through the procedure to update the firmware using a USB stick, and got the expected sequence of red/white flahses. However, once that is done and I restart the printer, I can still connect with 0.25, but not with 0.27. When I start 0.27, the window comes up and the spinning circle os there endlessly. Left it for many minutes with no change.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting?


Can you press Ctrl+Alt+D in FLUX Studio v0.2.7 and take a screen shot?


@Simon Pressing Ctrl+Alt+D produces no effect. On 0.25, pressing that key combo brings up the dev tools window.


I am running v0.2.7 on a MacBook (13-in, Late 2008), OS X 10.11.3

After struggling a bit in the beginning trying to upgrade the firmware of the printer, I have been successfully engraved a small illustration.

When I tried to print the print failed due to calibration error. see my other post.


@peterloron - On OS ,X one way to take a screenshot is to hit shift-cmd-4 then hit space…then point to the window & click the mouse.


Yep. Nothing to see except for the plain gray Flux window with the spinning white circle.


@Simon Let me know if you’d like me to run the app in a debugger, etc…


no problem running on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-in, Late 2013),


It seems to be working fine for me with a 2010 Mac Pro and a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro.

Now, if I could just get a heated bed for the printer… :wink:


@GrouchoDuke, @38james Would you guys please take a look and see if you are using case sensitive or non-case sensitive HFS+ file system on your Macs?


Journaled HFS+, non-case sensitive, for both my MacBook 2008 and MacBook Pro 2013.


Well, so much for that idea. I’m running case-sensitive and have run into problems in the past. Hopefully @Simon or one of the Flux developers will be in touch so we can debug this.


Wow, you might pointed out a critical bug we never thought of it.
To open the devtool in spinning circle mode, you will need to:
(1) Find “FLUX Studio” in Application folder >
(2) Right click menu > Show Package Contents >
(3) Goto Contents > Resources
(4) Edit package.json with text editor
(5) Change “toolbar”: false into “toolbar”:true
(6) Restart FLUX Studio

After you restarted the FLUX Studio, you will see a gear icon button that can open the devtool, we will need you take a screenshot of the devtool console


Sorry. I didn’t see your post. It fails if I save task with "begin failed - compilation aborted at script/ line.undefined.

If I try preview or start, it just shows “getting slice status” forever.


Ok! The case-sensitivity issue is the problem. The first issue was that the slic3r binary was all lower case and the app was looking for “Slic3r”. I changed the name of the binary and now am getting this set of errors. They are also case sensitivity issues.


@Simon Changing the name of the alert-dispatcher.js file resolved things at least as far as getting Flux Studio to come up!

I see that there is 0.28 available now, so I will try that.


Ok, 0.28 starts up just fine. I will try to do a first print tonight.