Loose USB-C on print head


I had been putting off discovering why my USB-C connection was loose, expecting I’d have to make a connector holder of some sort. But as it turns out, it was much easier to fix. I discovered that under the top cover there is big nut holding down the PCB which had come loose and which just needed tightening. So I would encourage anyone with a loose connector to see if it is just that nut which is loose.

Also, I don’t know where the tilt sensor is, but if it is on this board, then it’s possible this could be causing a tilt error for some people.


I also had the same loose nut issue when I received my printer almost a year ago, I guess it is still happening!


Nice catch! If the tilt 'n shake detections are coming from a single accelerometer sensor, it will be a innocuous looking surface mount chip, and would indeed be on that board… so a nice two in one fix! :wink: Maybe just add a couple of drops of loctite or superglue on the thread it before tightening it up, so that it is encouraged to stay in place until you do want to remove it?