Load/Unload of filament not working now


The other day I changed filament and upgraded everything to latest versions and now when I try to load or unload filament. The machine warms up but never engages the feed motor. I have to pull/push the filament all the way through tube. It still prints fine but kind of weird. Any suggestions?


It was happened to me once because I had a bad filament detector switch and a bad connector cable, so I decides to remove a cable, then I had as same problem as yours. I plugged a cable on to a control board instead of connecting a filament detector module, which I didn’t use it, I short a cable for bypassing it, then load/unload function is worked. In your case, it’s either a bad filament detector switch or bad cable/connection between a switch and a control boards.


I was getting a bunch of filament errors when it started, but I just turned filament detection off. I’ll check the wire. thanks


The filament detectors are by far the weakest part of the flux. I’ve had two die on me and am awaiting the third.

That is also pretty much the major part which is not getting upgraded with the Delta+, which is worrying.


try changing your filament… it fixed the problem for me, and ask them for a replacement spool, v2 filament doesn’t fail, it gets much better print quality than before. hope this helps!


UPDATE: I opened the filament detector and noticed the triangle shaped switch was stuck up into itself. I carefully dislodged it(as seen in photo) and its working well again. Now the bigger problem, what to print today…


print a mini glider, you get alot of them on thingiverse, best part minis take only 5 - 10 mins to print :slight_smile: