Length of filament in feed tube


Does anyone know the exact length of filament used to go from feed motor to the nozzle?


I think, that depends on the lenght of the feedtube. I’ve cutted mine from time to time and now its on its limit. I have to change it soon


Move the print head the farthest away from the filament outlet that you can, and add just enough that the tube has room to enter each piece straight on with a nice bend radius. Too short will cause the head to tilt at the bed extremes, and too long will risk getting the tube caught when the machine homes and add pushing resistance to the filament as it passes through the tube.


The tube that came with my machine is ~18", my guess for the rest of the filament length is ~3".


Which is about 533 mm if i calculate right?


Yes, everything within ~2cm, also, there is the melt zone…