Laser pole not going back in!


my laser pole (the one on the right) doesnt go in it, but stays in place with the plate on top, i would like a replacement or a possible fix, NOT TAPING IT!!!


Submit a ticket they will send you new brackets. You are going to have to tape for now as it will take a couple weeks for them to arrive. Please use the search function there are at least 3 threads about this issue.


did that already(submitted a ticket only) didnt tape it down, thanks for the help. it prints fine without tape.


You might want to put a piece of tape on just in case otherwise you might come home to a needed up print if it pops up during a print.


ok i guess i will, good reason


That, or the cardboard/paper/toothpick-wedged in trick… :wink: Or just do what I did and open the sucker up and remove the springs until they sent the replacements! No scanning, but no pre-mature popups either! :laughing:


how do i remove it?
filling the 20 character requirement


You’ve got to remove 20 screws from the bottom of the flux delta base, remove the base plate, remove the two screws holding the scanner poles on, and then remove the two springs, and re-screw down the bracket plate you removed. Rinse, repeat, do the other pole, and then put the base plate on and put the 20 screws back in. Trust me, tape or a wedge is the easier and better option, unless you want to get really good at removing that base and putting it back on! :wink:


did you got the upgrade kit yet?
there are magnet kits can solve this problem.


i have a flux delta +

so i dont get the upgrade kit


I thought this problem on delta+ is unable to happen, could you please provide more information?
like photo or video etc.


yeah sure, i have a ongoing print, it’ll finish in 5 mins, then ill send a video


hi, anyways guys aside from the laser thing you can achieve a cool triangle design if you set infill to 0, looks cool on gliders



i meant cool effects by setting shell to 0 and making infill pattern triangles