Laser engraving process


Good Morning/Evening People,

Thinking of how to monetise more than just the printer part of the delta…

when compared to other laser engravers, it seems that other Engravers will cut the vector lines out by exactly following the line. for example as a human, we would grab a pen and draw a circle without leaving the paper.

It seems that the Laser engraver is wasting so much time by Rastering the lines ( like an old dot matrix printer)

it runs a line and puts a couple of pixels worth of engraving down, drops a line then runs the whole line again and then maybe two engraving patches.

If anyone understands what I am talking about, is there any way to get the laser head to follow the vector lines instead of a line by line engraving?


If you import vector graphics as opposed to raster graphics that is exactly what the Flux will do.

.svg instead of .jpg


Hi Tim,

I think my problem is, historically I have no software able to output any file formats like svg… Im hoping this will change today.

although I think it is still a little weak and slow.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Inkscape is free and available on any OS. There’s a curve to learning vector based drawing and many times you’ll have to manipulate the file for the best results but the output can be amazing.