Knocking and not extruding :(


hi i received my flux delta + recently, worked fine for a few days then its started making knocking noise and its not extruding filament, any help?


Search knocking in the search bar and you will see a lot of threads on this issue.


Yes, please use the search, and please post in just one place, it is much easier to help you if you only have one post.


hi guys, i tried that but all of them involve opening it and voiding the warranty, im able to load and unload with knocking, any help or a link to helpful topic on this? thx alot.


Submit a support ticket to flux and they can guide you through it (authorize you to open if needed).


from the forum or email?
which one do you recommend, i did it through email but they take a day or more to reply, i guess the forum takes even longer, just got a reply from them :slight_smile: gonna give then some video footage.


They prefer you go through email it takes time based on their location with yours. Their response time is A LOT better than what it was. Just be patient the first print/getting set up is the hardest.


To open a support ticket, you need to go to the main site, then click the link for Support. From there it will take you to the zendesk system where you can create a support ticket, which they will then handle via email.

If you do it that way, if you need to open any part of the machine, your warranty will still be valid, and they will probably save you some time in the long run by you not having to do things that are not necessary in your case.