International pre orders where are you from + save $50


I would love to know where you are all from. I am so excited to have ordered my flux delta + from London UK and if you are ready to order yours save us both $50 using this code and after you have ordered you will get your own code to save again and again! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


From the US, live in Thailand now.

Congratulations on getting your FLUX (soon).


Has anyone else preordered from the UK :uk: or close by?


Thanks for asking. I am in Japan.


Are you guys able to see your Share the love credit? I haven’t been able to log in today.


I can see the part about preorders without being logged in.

Why would 5 people buy the Early bird when there are still 20 Super Early Birds?


I couldn’t log in. I don’t think anyone has used mine yet.


I just used yours! Maybe now someone will use mine!
Share the Love Promo


Hi Everyone, I bought mine and looking forward to receive it.
I share my link for you to get 50$ off on your Delta+ purchase

Share the Love!:wink: