Installation Help For Ubuntu Flux Studio


I’ve been trying to install the Ubuntu version(32 and 64bit)
Cant get either of them to open, just getting a blank error message.
Is there anyone with some experience using it? My Ubuntu is rusty…but I can follow instructions pretty well.
The WINE version opens at least but it just hangs in the load screen.
Might have to go get Win10, I’ve made due with a Remix since my computer crashed.

  • Download Ubuntu version of Flux Studio tar.gz file from the downloads page
  • Extract it somewhere on your file system. I personally have a Programs folder in my home folder.
  • Open terminal and cd to this folder where FLUX_Studio executable is.
  • Run ./

You can then move FLUX Studio.desktop to your launcher to open up flux from a list of programs or just run it from the terminal with “./FLUX_Studio”