Import G-Code from other slicers


Hey Team FLUX! Can you enlighten us on the correct procedure for importing GCode into FLUX studio and running it on the machine? I opened up a FLUX Studio saved task (.fc file) with a text editor and it didn’t seem like it was GCode that I could edit with my own code and import into Studio or rename and auto-run on a USB stick… Those were my 2 plans to try and make it work manually, but they won’t work.

The second part of this that will be important is an “official” list of start and end GCode that we should paste into our slicer of choice so that we get the proper leveling sequence and everything else correct.

Thanks for the help, keep up the great work!


I’ve done a little digging, and have found about half of the story here…

When you import a file, you can select “all files” instead of just meshmixer documents and select a GCode file that way. It didn’t used to work, but now it does. Yay!

And thanks to Chris, I’ve got an idea of the start and end code from the advanced slicer settings.
start_gcode = G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle

end_gcode =
G1 E-20 F300
M104 S0
The start code doesn’t have a G28 for homing or a G30 command for calibration though, so I suspect that part of what’s needed is still missing.

Are we on the right track, Team FLUX?



To import G-Code into Flux, the way that I found it was to open the Device Monitor and upload the G-code there. It will state that it needs to convert to FC file but not a problem, takes it and prints it without hesitation.

And yes, Jim…MikeDog and I was talking about the G-code and the End-code is correct. confirmed that it worked with Simplify3D…(i was missing that code).


My simplify3D profile…