HUGE print stopped at nearly the end!


i was printing a platform jack and the end where the screw goes was not printed, the top rods were not printed properly!
i had this problem before with other prints and i lost 100 grams of filament right now!


Would you be able to preview a gcode file?


@aw1: Please don’t make duplicate posts about the same issue…


i was trying to make 2, one for help request and one for bug report :slight_smile:


no, the print i was doing was on flux studio, but today i tried a 3D benchy from simplify 3D as i got it :slight_smile: and i get an error, pics below: 1. i navigate to my G-CODE 2. i select it 3. that error, even the 50% scale version didn’t work, it is definitely not too big.


If you have an actual bug report, those should go directly to the Flux Support. There is no point in posting them to here. Also, please never post the same thing twice.


im not sure if its a bug, so i went both ways, but the same people would have seen the bug report too i so yeah… your right. i wont post twice.