How Long does an RMA Take?


@Simon @Jim My brother and I got our printer about 2 weeks ago and were so excited, but out of the box the printer would not work. We’ve contacted you here, on your support site and through Kickstarter - I have to ask, how long does it take to send us a DHL pick up and ship out another printer?

We were so happy to see how much you are supporting your community, so happy to see you engaging and releasing regular software updates - but for us, we sit here, you keep saying you’ll send an email, keep saying it’s on it’s way - and still nothing.

@Simon & @Jim - I hope you guys can check into this, it’s disappointing to leave us holding the bag (which we won’t continue to do) on a printer which doesn’t function. Let’s get this resolved this week, please send us the RMA Shipping information and send out the replacement printer ASAP! We’re so excited to be proud Flux3d owners - when we actually get one that works



Very nice way to address the issue, Trust me I was in the same boat as you are. First one in US to get the printer but it was a dud. They were pretty quick with return printer. They are real :slight_smile: and will get to your issue too.

Stay positive :slight_smile:


what kind of time frame did you experience both to get the RMA and the replacement?


Since it was very shipment and many folks had not gotten theirs so the response was very quick same day. I did the same thing as you reached out to them on every media. Took them a week to send the 2nd printer.

I know now they are swamped with support.

I think they check Kickstarter message more often han here.

They do take care of things.


No the dont, i’ve my printer the second of januari but all thos time hy is’t working at all!!!
i’ve send that gays several emails but my printer stll not working.


@rietjehenk Have you posted here about it? Many people on the boards are very helpful.