How I can make a 3D print/model configurator?



I want print a 3D configurator like this to demonstrate my services by my customer. How I can realize that.


That is a digital app, a software product, running on a tablet or a computer. I have no idea how you could 3D print that, but it would be pretty awesome if you could. :slight_smile:


thats exactly what i was thinking! but i thought i understood it wrong at first


maybe you could print a small white chamber(not too small you should split it into pieces) then you could add little lights for shadow effects! that would be a nice photo booth (you would need scaled down versions of your product)! Oh and you would need a nice camera. this means you can just convert what the software does for you into hardware! anyway i recommend you get their software for it, or you print it at 50 microns then sand it then make it gloss.


Far easier to build a photo booth out of PVC pipe and cover it with high thread-count white sheets. Light it from the outside. A lot cheaper. No sanding. Much faster. Done.


By the way, Mac has a built in STL viewer in Preview.

But you may want to look for a similar tool for Windows which would allow you to show potential clients digital previews [3D images] of what you can print, before you print them. That is essentially what that configurator is, they are just calling it something else.

Most STL viewers allow you to preview STL, OBJ, 3DS, and similar CAD and 3D files. There are tablet versions as well, you could preload your design files or store them in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and load up a file, hand it to a client and let them preview the object right there on your tablet. For the cost of the app and a bit of setup time, you’d be much better off than that ‘Configurator’ The only difference is that you might have to manually edit your STL files in advance for size, color, texture, etc. before loading them on your laptop or tablet, but then you would have a fantastic and very custom tool to impress clients.


yes… thats actually way way way faster, 3D printing can’t beat everything!


Just moved and tweaked the title of this post as it wasn’t white a machine discussion :wink: And to add to the discussion… MeshMixer would give a good preview, as would be 3d preview app thingy on Windows 10. But to do what I think you want, which is to be able to have a base model, and then have options which influence the final print (i.e. base model of house just has a wall, and the options are for doors, windows and a roof - as a crude example) - I don’t think there is anything readily available. Your best bet is to have previews of the different options/configurations and show those to your client. Anything else is going to have to be custom, and will take time and money ;(