How does the Flux USB to USB cable work?


I bough the USB to USB cable because i’ve never had any luck connecting to wifi (trust me I’ve spent many an hour trying to get it to work) and i’m also one of the unfortunate people who had their flux mini usb female connector break off.

My question is, how do you get the usb to usb to work? i figured it would work like the mini usb and just work right away but it won’t seem to detect the printer. i tried updating software for the computer and firmware for the printer with no luck. If anyone has any experience with this advice would be greatly appreciated.

It’s been quite a long time since i’ve had my printer actually working…


Hi, the USB connection worked for me after WiFi connection so i think you need to get wifi right first, i made more posts pls check them out @pfeerick i need to make assumptions.

here is the link: First time wifi setup

Good Luck With Your Delta!

oh and by long time did you mean it used to work before?


The printer used to work, but every one of the methods used for connecting the printer to my computer have failed (mini usb port broke + wifi doesn’t work)
I was able to connect via wifi once but never again since then.

What is the point of the USB to USB connector if the only reason someone would buy it is because they can’t connect it in the first place?


You may need to make sure you have the driver installed :

Then when you do plug it in, check that it appears in the Device Manager (Windows) or dmesg -w logs (linux).

Then I think you may need to add it as a new device on Flux Studio, or it might just automagically appear in the machine list after FS has started up properly…


Same boat, wiggly micro USB, wifi no longer connecting. Already bought a USB A to USB A cable to see if I can avoid buying the expensive Flux one. No dice.

So now, before I pull the trigger on a 36 dollar (shipped) USB cord. Wanted to check to see if anyone had any luck getting a third party USB cable to work at all. Alternatively, Christian - let me know if you want to sell me yours! :grin:


Because I’m a sucker for punishment, I searched amazon and found “USB direct transfer cables” which has similar inline couplings to the official Flux one. I’m (perhaps over optimistically) hoping this works as intended for a direct USB A to USB A connection between computer and Flux. If not, I’ll finally pony up for the original. Wish me luck, will report back here.


He he… good luck @BryanW :wink:

Yeah, a straight A to A cable won’t work, because some trickery needs to be done in the cable to make the Delta think there’s something USB compatible plugged in there. There is some mention of USB to Ethernet to USB, so maybe it’s really just an extension of the USB ethernet adapters that Flux have (or is it had?), and it’s got two of them back to back? I have to admit I haven’t looked into the one I have, other than plugging it in, installing the driver,and making sure it worked! :laughing: Fingers crossed, my wifi continues to behave… although since I’m about to switch to a different modem/router… I don’t fancy my chances…


So, no shocker - the A to A (even with the special coupler) did not work. Luckily the $17’ish shipping fee becomes a little more bearable when you purchase more gear from their Store. In addition to the USB cord, I picked up a blade module kit, spare nozzle, some other goodies which in retrospect seem to be reasonably priced, and the shipping fee remained the same.

I haven’t scanned the forum too closely, but there should be a PSA on how flimsy the micro USB port is on the Flux. It only took exactly one cord tweak when moving the unit against the wall to break it. I wonder if a right angle micro USB plug would help matters for folks who still have a working port.

Anyway, hopefully the stuff arrives soon and works. Otherwise expensive paper weight. (Very frustrated there isn’t any intelligible way to get the default WIFI password. Nothing works, and would it have killed them to just have a standard default wifi password for the Flux?) Le sigh.


I’m glad you managed to get it working :wink:

There has been some mention in the past over the microUSB port not being that robust, but it probably should be posted again. I believe that was the reason that the WiFi setup method was added though, in order to still be able to setup the machine if the port was DOA or damaged at a later date.

The default password is supposed to be the machine serial number or “flux-delta”, but it would also have been nice if you could have just crafted a text file, or a simple config file that goes on a USB flash drive, and configure it that way… might be something for Flux to think about in the future…