Horrible prints


For what ever reason, my 3d prints are coming out horrible.
The print tutorial and my second print came out ok but after all the software updates and tool head update, my prints are a disaster. Please see image.

Any ideas what could be casing such odd printing?

I did fixed the non-stick issue by cleaning the base with Witch Hazel and then adding the glue to the base.



It appears you are having plate adhesion issues. What steps are you doing to prepare your plate? How many layers of glue? Are you letting them dry?

A couple assumptions:

  • You are using Flux filament
  • You are printing on the UNPRINTED side of the plate.


What side of the plate are supposed to use? I would think it would not matter with the glue base.


They say to do 3d prints on the side without any printing on it…the plain metal side.


It shouldn’t affect the prints, but the printed side with the grid will fade really quickly through the cleaning off of the glue. It’s something I pretty much point out at every given chance because it isn’t intuitive enough.


I am using the Flux filament i ordered with the printer. The first print tutorial came out looking good, the second print was ok and all other print tempts come out looking like the attached image. I do have other filament brands which I will try and see if it’s the cause of poor print results.

Only a single layer of glue was used and I printed as soon as glue was applied. I wasn’t aware that I should let it dry first.

I am also using BuildTak on the grid side and am not having much luck with things sticking to it. But as Milkdog pointed out, the grid does fade quickly after cleaning numerous times.

Thanks everyone.


Generally what I do with the glue is 2 layers. I’ll let the first layer dry completely. Some have suggested using a hair dryer to dry it quickly. Then I’ll put another layer on and let it sit for 2-3 minutes, so it is still tacky. I actually let the layers of glue build up, but try to keep it smooth.

As much as I wish 3D printing was an exist science, there is a lot of trial and error to it still. Maybe in 5 years, that will be different, but not yet.

Do you hear any loud, clicking noise when you’re printing?


I had this happened to me sometimes too, usually in a large print. here’s possible cause / solution

  1. calibration does not collect the right information, so when squeezing out filament, there’s no “room” for extrusion so the filament goes upward, this shouldn’t really affect the quality of the print because it’ll eventually distribute out through out the print.

  2. adding raft on the bottom. since it’s going to be discarded, who cares about the raft quality? =P

  3. if you does hear the click sound on the higher layer of the print, you might want to fill out the support

have fun 3D print !


I have issues with poor quality prints too. I’m printing a simple case for my raspberry pi. There wasnt any adhesion issues with the first layer. However halfway through the prints, the subsequent layer doesnt stick and the whole print out is in a mess… tried reload the filament, etc, but still doesn’t work

object im printing is this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:559858



Can you please post a picture of your print?


@Jim Thanks for taking time to look thru my issue. Attached is the image:


Therefore I tried another file, which is a base of a pi case again from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:624084/#files

It can again be clearly seen that there is alignment issues, but not at the base layer. The base looks completely fine.


I think the head bumped into the corner edge which curled up. Have you tried to print something smaller? Two tips for you:

  1. Lubricate the steel balls
  2. Apply two layers of glue stick and dry it with a hair dryer. Repeat that twice before you start a bigger print.


@Jim Some updates to the printing.

I tried your recommendation to lubricate the steel balls. I’ve also updated to the new flux studio (0.2.17) with an updated slicer and recommended print settings.

The small object printed well (as below) but got the “printhead tilted” error for at least twice per print job.

I resumed with the same prints that im having issues with. The printout looked better but some rough details can still be seen. It happens always at the around the same spot.

The printhead tilted error was encountered for both the laser engraver and the printing toolhead. I also noticed when the toolhead moves to a certain position, theres some unusual noise (somewhat like resistance) when it moves.


I also got the tilt error today for the first time after updating to 0.2.17, accompanied by the “noise”. Sounds like maybe the steppers are being driven too fast and struggling to keep up. It makes the top of the Flux wobble about followed by the error. I put a big heavy book on top of the Flux to dampen the wobble and no more alarms.


I have found out what the “noise” is in my case. It’s actually the hot end nib hitting ridges of plastic on the layer below. It’s only happening on the “High Quality” setting. On Medium it seems OK. As in Max’s picture above, you can see extra plastic piling up at the end of some stokes and the ridges formed are too high but at the other end of the stroke it looks perfect. I don’t know what the cure is as I am new at this.
Anyone got any advise? Do I increase the print speed, reduce the temperature or something else?